Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Today on the Morning Cruise: A Woman's Path

In addition to a few other interviews, we had a representative in today from A Woman's Path, an organization that empowers local women to do more with their identity. Nosiviwe elaborated on how easy it is for women to forget their power and lose it, along with their purpose. Women are strong, she said, it is only a matter of finding your strength. You have to test it through strife and communal struggle. One must know how to navigate your purpose. A Woman's Purpose helps women do this by offering workshops and open spaces for talking and networking. in addition, one-on-one mentoring programs are offered, as well as the Visionaries Breakfast series. The only requirement for these programs is to be a woman, that's it. Nosiviwe talked a bit more about their upcoming projects. One of them is their high school project, where they encourage and motivate students of all genders at local high schools, and address the shock of upcoming independence from domestic life, which is not taught in school. The next upcoming event for them is the next installment of their Visionaries Sanctuary Breakfast Series at the ArtsCape center. This month, the theme is Start to Finish, addressing the motivation to see a goal through to the end. "You are not your past", says Nosiviwe. "Do not let others define you."

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