Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Today on Morning Cruise: Running for Pads Campaign, and Vij ZA-Vuyani Batyi

Today, we had three guests in studio

The first was a phone interview with a representative for the #Running4Pads campaign, a campaign to help disadvantaged young women gain access to sanitary pads. Founded a year ago, their marathons help raise money for something that should be considered a necessity for all women. We talked about the importance of feminine hygiene products in the modern day, and how limited access has made them more than just a commodity.

Next, we had Vij ZA, a local hip hop artist with an upcoming event. He started back in 2006, and since then, his brand has grown to a point where he now has legitimate offers to perform at large events. His name is an attempt to inject his own identity into his namesake, taking his name and home country to a new level. His upcoming team-up show, Hip Hop Explosion, will showcase his brand-new music video for his new release. His aim is to bring the music back to the people. After giving him the opportunity to slay it against a beat, we wrapped it up. He can be reached at:

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