Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Jenna Croaster on air!

Yesterday, we had Jenna Croaster and her mom, Chantel, on air. Jenna is a young 13-year-old dancer from Lotus River. Jenna, who is in Grade 7 right now, has been dancing since she was five, reports Jenna's mom, Chantel. Since she began dancing hip hop way back when, she has worked hard to train for competitions and performances and has been slowly climbing the dance ladder.

Jenna wants to study law at UCT when she gets older, and her favorite dancer is Rudy Smith, one of her judges for this competition. This fall, she is trying to go to Croatia to represent South Africa in an international dance competition! Currently, her mom is raising funds for the trip there and the entrance fee, and is looking for help. To find out more, contact:
or email

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