Friday, January 21, 2011

Today's Art -C Friday = getting creative & "Not that Idols show"

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(Reuters Health) - There might be trouble brewing behind the glassy eyes of kids who spend too much time and energy on video games, according to a controversial new study.

In the 2-year study of more than 3,000 school children in Singapore, researchers found nearly one in ten were video game "addicts," and most were stuck with the problem.
While these kids were more likely to have behavioral problems to begin with, excessive gaming appeared to cause additional mental woes.

30 Ways to Increase Your Creativity
1. Stop second-guessing yourself and try not to focus on how others will perceive your work.
2. Study and experiment with several forms of media: music, photography, writing or drawing. You can often learn concepts from all of these media which you can apply to other disciplines.
3. Read one page of the dictionary every day and write down any words that catch your attention in a notebook. When you need inspiration, look through the words you have written down.
4. Show up: schedule a regular time to practice your craft–whether it’s writing or anything else–and show up, even if you’re not feeling creative.

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For Art – C Friday we showcased a proudly South African show taking place at On Broadway ( in long street Cape Town called, “NOT that idols show”. It’s not ‘Idols’ but it is LIVE! It’s Cape Town’s best and worst amateur talent and the people, get to be Simon Cowell!

Long before Idols came along, the public has been fascinated with watching rough diamonds come off the street and sing their hearts out in the hope of showbiz stardom. It’s exciting, compelling, sad, funny and often moving and it’s a formula that never fails. Amateur night at the Apollo has been running in Harlem, New York, for decades and has unearthed several superstars, including The Jackson 5 (winners by audience vote, August 13th, 1967), James Brown and Stevie Wonder. We think we can do what Idols doesn’t seem to be able to do…unearth the next Brenda Fassie or Jonathan Butler.

What’s more the overall winner will receive a video and recording contract. Michael Duffet's Face 2 Face Films - one of Carte Blanche's main producers will be shooting the video and Patric van Blerk's Cape Town Sound Studios will be recording the single. The winner, along with some of the best runners up, will feature in On Broadway's 2011 Year End Show.

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