Thursday, January 20, 2011

Today MC showcased the Bridging Year Programme for matriculants

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Today’s featured interview showcased one of the South African Education and Environment Project (SAEP), Bridging Year Programme. Bridging Year Programme helps matriculants (who passed but would like to improve their results) to register to re-write their matric exams (with the aim of helping them to improve their grades in order to gain entrance into higher/tertiary education). Despite the serious shortage of programmes of this nature in the country, these programmes are absolutely crucial given the skewed nature of our education system.
The Bridging Year programme aims to bridge the gap between high school and university (as well as between privileged and underprivileged schools) and involves providing promising township high school matriculants the tools they need to adequately prepare for, obtain entrance into, and succeed in tertiary institutions, learnerships, or productive employment. The programme is aimed at holistic development through a wide range of experiences and exposure to diverse people and ideas. To find out more visit

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