Thursday, January 13, 2011

More on goal setting this time around with the fairy godmother. Check it out


Inspiration of the day
Brains are useful things, they help you do a lot of incredibly cool stuff. But sometimes they just won’t shut up. A cluttered mind can keep you from achieving your potential in most situations. A mind is most effective at zero.
Here are 16 simple ways to clear your mind
1.Sit in silence.
Place a pillow on the ground somewhere in a private place, turn off the lights, and just sit for 15 minutes. Listen to the chatter in your mind, but don’t try to interact with it. Just observe your thought patterns, eventually they will begin to subside. Try sitting for a longer time when you can.
2.Take a walk. Meditation while walking is one of the best ways to calm a mind. There’s something about the repetition of moving one foot in front of the next that is so relaxing. Go for a 30-minute walk with no destination. You will return with a calmed mind.
3.Write it down. Take your thought processes out of your pre-frontal cortex and onto the page. Open a notebook, take a pen, and begin engaging in writing flow until you find that the waves of thought have subsided.
4.Laugh it off. Sometimes life is just silly, so have a sense of humor and embrace the insanity. Laugh at the thoughts in your head, with any luck you’ll recognize by laughing at the thoughts in your head, you’ll be able to realize just how silly they are and your mind will relax.
5.Take deep breathes. This is one of my all time favorites, I do this regularly before and after any situation that may happen. Take 10 deep inhales and exhales. Make each breath slow and deliberate. Your mind will be quiet by the end of the tenth exhale.
6.Move slower. Make every action deliberate. Like a zen master makes tea, you will do everything that you need to do slower. Notice every motion you make from start to finish, every action from beginning to end. This will focus your mind on the task at hand, and quiet the internal babbling.
7.Talk to someone. Sometimes the best way to quiet a mind is to talk over your thinking with another person. Don’t vent your frustrations to them, because that’s just going to lead to another frustrated person. Simply tell them what is going on in your mind, and maybe both of you can come up with a solution.
8.Throw away your to-do list. Once in awhile the lists get too long, they become overwhelming. There are so many steps or actions that you need to take in day-to-day life that you may never see the end. Why not just abandon whatever it is you’re doing? One of the best skills that anyone can master is the ability to learn how to quit, when the time is right to do so. Take this moment to quit, and your mind won’t have anything to worry about anymore.
9.Lie on the floor. Nothing can beat a good lie on the floor. Wherever you are, just stop doing what you’re doing and fall backwards. Though, be sure to take look behind you to make sure there is nothing you will hit. Then stay on the floor for 15 minutes and just breathe.

Donna McCallum aka The Fairy godmother. She stepped into the studios and sprinkled her magical fairy dust on our goal setting.

We touched on the three types of individuals who get stuck in the goal setting process. There’s the one who has no idea what they want to do, the other is someone who has more than one goal which means they lack focus and lastly the one who knows what they want but have not done anything to accomplish it.

We also discussed that in most circumstances when people get stuck with their goal setting and taking aggressive action thereafter is FEAR. The what “if’s”, what if I fail. McCallum’s workshops therefore deal with how to overcome your fears and more. To find out more visit

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