Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Gender Hub Wednesday- breaking the mths

It is believed that men are in fact more sensitive than women, they just good at hiding it. INTERESTING…

Men are mostly emotionless: This is just an ignorant myth. I have no idea who would even consider this to be true. Everybody has emotions whether they are good or bad. Guys just tend to keep quiet about their emotions more often. It makes things easier a lot of the time because it prevents confrontation which is a waste of time in most cases. This allows things that are productive or more desirable to be done. I personally am very emotional and I don’t hide it. When I am pissed, I come right out and say it. When I am happy I let it be known. I think that is makes things clear and simple so that people know what I like or dislike but a lot of men see it differently.


Shaldon Uithaler a facilitator of Molo Songololo’s Young Men forum. The forum provides a platform for dialogue, empowerment and action amongst young men to prevent delinquency, abuse, violence and crime.

Having my say:
I think it’s important that we all should become proactive in learning about each other. For people to be ignorant and proud of it in today’s day and age is, to me, unacceptable. It’s time to break the stereotypes and kill myths that we have about one another. STOP THE HATE! It’s not a male or female thing it’s a HUMAN BEING thing.

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