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Today: Part two with Debt solutions as well as an indepth look at the recent uproar of leadership within COPE

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Before Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak created the Apple computer in 1976, they designed a popular arcade game for Atari called Breakout. By then, Steve “the woz” Wozniak was already famous as a white-hat hacker, bypassing phone systems – known as phone phreaking – to make free long distance calls.

On the South African flag which colour is on top, red or blue?
Answer: red
Although the colors have no official meaning attached to them, they represent a synopsis of the country's vexillological history and current political realities. Black, green and yellow are the colors of Nelson Mandela's political party. Moreover, the flag incorporates also the colors of the African National Congress and the former Boer republics flags (red, white, and blue). The Y shape represents the convergence of South Africa's diverse society and unity. The South African flag is basically made up of former South African flags and the past meanings of the colors were that red stands for bloodshed, blue for open blue skies, green for the land, black for the black people, white for the European people and yellow for the natural resources such as gold.
*** according to daytranslations.com

How to Stop Craving Sugary Foods
Craving sweets is similar to having an addiction to smoking: Each requires a great deal of willpower to quit. Craving sugary foods also requires breaking a habit. Figure out what time of day you most feel the need for sweets. Is there something special that happens to trigger this need for a chocolate bar? Are you upset, angry or sad when you reach for a piece of cake? Find the pattern, and the craving for sugary foods can be controlled or stopped. Sweets are as addictive as smoking and just as hard to quit
1. Step
Keep candy on hand
Take it one day at a time. Make up your mind that you do not want or need to consume sweets for this one day. Try to keep your mind off thinking about having desert or a piece of chocolate after lunch or midday. Have a glass of milk instead, or a cup of coffee and a few slices of hard cheese. Proteins will keep you from being hungry and fulfill the need to have something to munch on.
For more visit: http://www.ehow.com/how_5152456_stop-craving-sugary-foods.html

Part two of our debt counselling sessions made possible by Cape Town Debt Solutions “restructure your debt and ease your mind” call before it’s too late on 021 697 9898, fax 021 697 9770 or email lieslr@iboma.co.za

We then showcased Bush Radio’s news intern, Nomava Nobumba’s news feature on the recent uproar of leadership within the Congress of the People (COPE).
“The third largest opposition party “recalled” Lekota after he went to court to obtain an urgent interdict preventing it from electing new leaders until September.” http://www.citypress.co.za/SouthAfrica/Court-to-rule-on-Cope-20100605

WHILE Cope president Mosiuoa Lekota is celebrating his latest court victory in the leadership battle with Mbazima Shilowa, a political analyst says fostering unity in the fractured party will be difficult. http://www.sowetan.co.za/News/Article.aspx?id=1149505
Judge Rami Mathopo said the vote was an ambush and showed flagrant disregard against the rules of natural justice. http://bushradionews.blogspot.com/

There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.
- William Shakespeare
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