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The Morning Cruise is back for 2010 and ready for more. Happy new year to all and thanx for following us in 2009 may our relationships grow more interactively in 2010

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By Denisia Adams
Welcome back to the Morning Cruise and welcome to 2010, we made it and this year seems pretty positive for all of us, financially, mentally, physically, educationally hay you name it! Today we kicked-off doing the favourites being the word of the day, trivia's, tips and more:

mag•nil•o•quent adj.
Lofty and extravagant in speech; grandiloquent.

TRUE or FALSE. Is Newcastle a town in South Africa?
Answer: TRUE
Newcastle is a town in north-west KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, on the Ncandu River. It is moderately industrial. The town was later known as the Waterfall River Township because of the Ncandu River. In 1864, the town of Newcastle was founded on the site, becoming the fourth town to be established in Natal after Durban, Weenen and Pietermaritzburg. Newcastle was named after the British Colonial Secretary, the Duke of Newcastle.

DID YOU KNOW (www.didyouknow.org)
Wolfberry is the common name for the fruit of two closely related species in the family that also includes potatoes, tomatoes, chili peppers, deadly nightshade, and tobacco. Though the recognition of wolfberries' nutrient richness and antioxidant qualities is only a recent phenomenon in the West, they have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for at least 2,000 years

How to Be Mindful
Examine your motives, and react to them and to your own semi-unconscious activities as well. The philosopher Tsang once said, "I daily examine myself on three points: whether, in transacting business for others, I may have been unfaithful; whether, in intercourse with friends, I may have been insincere; whether I may have not mastered and practiced the instructions of my teacher."

o Practice generosity of spirit in accepting others as when you think, "He laughed at me!"; thereby admit imperfection.  One might often be wise to say, "I don't know; I'll look it up." You can pray or meditate anywhere, even in the midst of the desert.
Whisper a silent affirmation and possibly use it as a prayer, such as "I can do this just fine!" You can be vividly awake and resolved anywhere, anytime without disturbing others, not mumbling or moving your lips. Also, plan for dedicated times for daily meditation or prayer, and faithful studies of all kinds of good and the evil things -- as well as for your goals to succeed by serving others. "If you would be great, you must serve..." (If you do not believe in a specific faith -- then concentrate on the positive aspects of this article, and let not negative things or worries occupy your mind.)

o You can change your habits by saying and thinking something like "I can free myself from smoking," or "I will be smoke-free today." using positive language and simply expressing what you will do to help yourself.
Monitor your breathing
Monitor your breathing to breathe in and out deep breaths regularly. You can try to hold your breath, then gasp for about three breaths, and sometimes consciously blink your eyes a couple of times; however, do not make it a habit like an odd mannerism.
Try "skip a step" while walking for a moment occasionally: not proudly, but mindfully. Introducing variety to the monotonous will help you be mindful of that which you might take for granted. Everyone needs reminders on a daily basis.
Follow a good plan consciously like you follow your goals: do not run on automatic pilot (be consciously applying it -- with continuous effort).

o Make good thoughts consciously like positive affirmations or thankfulness.

o Use conscious reminders of your short term goals and long term plans.
Take advantage of environmental cues, like traffic lights.
Select and set your own environmental cues to do something like think or pray when/where:

o Hearing school bells and hourly chimes,
o Stopping at red traffic lights and road stop signs,
o Entering or exiting from rooms and buildings (at thresholds of doors).
Be thoughtful, even when brushing teeth.Be thoughtful in all things, and even be mindful when brushing your teeth consistently and thoroughly on all surfaces.Be calm, and you will have smooth sail.
Heal your thoughts and your mind by seeking blessings:
o Calmness can be found so practice contentment and so you are not worrying.

o Think that "I am thankful!" let that include all that you have or hope to enjoy and/or graciously endure as necessary!

o You use 80% or 90% -- and so give 10% or 20% away for service to people and/or to God. You want more, but you might need less.
Be curious, but don't worry! Accept what others may think is funny; so then, laugh at your mistakes with others!
o When you can laugh: it's good medicine for the mind and body (but not if it's cruel laughter)! Put yourself into what makes your kind of intensity!
Bite your tongue to check speaking without thinking! Mind the "Beatitudes" of supreme blessing and exalted happiness... Allow your life to unfold by being there for others and always trying, but see what unfolds without complaining too much. We believe in each other and that's what really matters...
Try to empathize... Help others in what you and they do as best you can to be mindful of human needs, illness or common daily necessities in any event

Zig Ziglar
Make failure your teacher, not your undertaker.
That’s it for the Morning Cruise, where we cruise through your weekday here on BushRadio 89.5fm live on your stereo between 9am – 12pm with me Denisia Adams. Take Care ... make the best of your day and Keep the Faith. Stay Real!!!!!!!!!

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