Friday, January 15, 2010

MC will be continuing it’s topic on the 2009 Matric pass rate or decline thereof next week between 9am-12pm. Don’t miss it.

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By Denisia Adams
Today’s show was very music oriented playing the best in RnB (early 90’s), hip hop and the best in house. Hay lets all cross fingers for District 9, it’s been nominated for an award at the Golden Globes this year.
Not to worry the Morning Cruise will be continuing it’s topic on the 2009 Matric pass rate or decline thereof next week between 9am-12pm. Don’t miss it.

Draconian dray-KOHN-ee-uhn
1. Pertaining to Draco, a lawgiver of Athens, 621 B.C.
2. Excessively harsh; severe.

1902 The teddy bear is created by a Russian immigrant to the USA, after seeing a newspaper cartoon depicting President Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt.
1920 First ice cream on a stick is sold by Harry Burt at his Good Humour Bar.
2009 Barbie dolls turns 50.

How to Get Everything You Want in Life
Identify What You Want to Accomplish In order to get started in the right direction you have to know what you're aiming for. To do this, you need to write down everything you want to do. Make a list of things you need to accomplish. It may help to start with the things you need to get more control over, such as finances, organization, etc. List every goal you can think of whether it's large or small. You can even include menial tasks in your list, such as "do all my laundry." The important thing is to write it ALL down.
Identify Obstacles Make a second column after the first one. In this column, write down everything that's preventing you from accomplishing that task. Be completely honest. If it's not enough money, write it. If it's not enough time, write it. If there is nothing preventing you from getting something done, write that down. Identifying any obstacles that are preventing you from accomplishing anything is one of the most important elements here. This will serve two purposes - it will highlight all the things you can do that you've just been lazy about (such as laundry), and it will give you an idea on what you need to overcome to get those items crossed off your list. What's important to realize at this point is that the underlying cause is, ultimately, that inaction is the number one thing preventing you from doing all these things. This leads you to the next column.
Formulate a Plan Make a third column and write down a plan of action now that you know what's preventing you from accomplishing everything you want. The reality is that you have to take action, and without having a plan, you'll just keep spinning your wheels and nothing will get done. If one of your obstacles is not enough money, maybe you can write down ideas on how to make more money, how to spend less money, or how to get a handle on your finances. If there is nothing preventing you from doing something, write down that you need to JUST DO IT! If your goal is "Learn to ride a motorcycle", and not having a motorcycle is what's preventing you, write down "find a friend with a motorcycle" or "save money for a motorcycle". Write down anything that comes to mind.

Burundi Proverb
Where there is love there is no darkness.
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