Friday, December 18, 2009

ART-C FRIDAY saw the likes of a great Capetonian jazz musician Mr Mervyn Africa, he's back home promoting his new album. Find out more:

By Denisia Adams
Paroxysm \PAIR-uhk-siz-uhm\
1. (Medicine) A sudden attack, intensification, or recurrence of a disease.
2. Any sudden and violent emotion or action; an outburst; a fit.

Steven Spielberg, a three-time Academy Award winning director, remains one of the most commercially successful filmmakers in the history of US cinema. Spielberg began his career directing for television, but his major success came when he began directing movies. His 1975 film, Jaws, set a domestic box office record and made him a household name. Spielberg later surpassed this record with the films E.T. and Jurassic Park.

How to Improve a Hated Job
Let's face it. The reasons we hate jobs are they don't pay enough, the people drive you crazy, it's boring, you aren't being promoted, and a whole laundry list of other reasons. We usually know why we hate the job, but how do we overcome it? Here are a few ways to improve a hated job.
1. Step 1
Determine why you hate your job. Is it the co-worker who sits next to you or is it your boss who won't give you a raise? Know why you hate your job.
2. Step 2
Talk with the decision maker about how to improve your job. Some companies have large human resource departments whose job it is to fit the right candidate with the right job. Maybe you are in the wrong area and need to ask for a transfer. HR can be your best friend. They can keep an eye open for new opportunities and if you know that there is light at the end of the tunnel it can help you get through the day.
3. Step 3
Take it one day at a time. Don't think that this terrible job might be all there is for you in life. Try to stay upbeat and focus on getting through the day and the week.
4. Step 4
Bring food to work. People are usually more pleasant to work with if their bellies are full. Bake some brownies or bring bagels and cream cheese in.
5. Step 5
Talk with the decision makers about adding a bonus program. Reward systems improve the workplace. Start an employee of the week program or ask HR to award gift cards for outstanding work.
6. Step 6
Find out if there are any educational assistance or job training opportunities you can take advantage of. This could get you out of the same day to day rut and workplace politics.
7. Step 7
Keep your head up. Keep working hard and don't cut corners. Keep your integrity and you will be rewarded.

Mirza Parker and the great Mervyn Africa. They joined us to discuss and intice listeners to support Mervyn’s album launch taking place on 27th December 2009 at Cape Town’s number one Jazz club, Swingers in Lansdowne Road. Mervyn Africa a brother who has performed for Madiba ,The President of South Africa and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as a soloist , An Internationally respected artist who is in backing bands to and with the best all around the world is back home to perform after 27 years in exile, Mervyn Africa also has available Felicia Marion (ex Joy )as a guest performer in his band. To find out more contact Mirza on Tel 021 637 1684 or Cell 071 384 1237

Christy Borgeld
Never giving up and pushing forward will unlock all the potential we are capable of.
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