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Barleycorn Music Festival is back for 2010 as well as the highest grossing theatre production, "pictures of you". Find out more

By Denisia Adams
1. Being of striking appropriateness and relevance; very applicable; apt.

Gone with the Wind, at 3 hours and 56 minutes, was the longest film to have won a Best Picture Oscar; it was also the first film in color to win Best Picture. ALSO DID YOU KNOW Meryl Streep had more Best Actress nominations than any other actress; 13 in total, leading to 2 awards. Katharine Hepburn received 12 nominations and won 4 Academy Awards.

How to Develop Common Sense
Being in public (at school/work/in the streets): Think properly, you are a human, not a superhero, and you will get hurt if you are careless about where you go. Always plan ahead, and you won't always be bailed out by your family or friends. You could end up in a seriously dangerous situation especially at night.
Always carry a moblie phone (if you have one), or even two. Since many people go to bars, concerts, etc, you may lose things easily. Use your common sense and always keep your phone in an inside pocket, or if you have to use a bag never hang it on the back or underneath ur chair, always keep it between your feet so it doesn't get stolen. And never flash your mobile, car keys, money in public!
Never go to a party and 'hitch a lift'. A strangers car is definitely a no go area! Also only get into yellow taxis and licensed veichles, many women have been raped by getting into Minicabs or Random cars.
Never give a provoking attitude, keep your mouth closed, and don't ignite any fights. You don't want to get beaten up.
"The goodwill of strangers" only exists about 1% of the time. Don't fall for anything.
At school or work: Remember the phrase: "never lend, never borrow". It is true: don't lend money or any belongings and expect to get them back. If your going to give someone money, it should be a token of kindness.
Keep your mouth closed and let your eyes listen: Don't constantly try to force your opinions on others. Everyone comes from a different background/race/religion. People will feel strongly about what your saying and may hurt you. Just always play it cool.
Don't try and do all you can for the 'popular or pretty' people. It's not worth it. It demeans you and you are more than likely to waste your time. You will have only yourself to blame if you let them cheat on major tests or even homework assignments and your grade/reputation will be badly affected.
Everyday life (and the streets): eat 3 meals a day, look on both sides of the road, never accept drinks from strangers, not to intentionally hurt others, give no information over the internet, never tell your deepest secrets to those whose trust you are unsure about, not drink excessive amounts of alcohol or take drugs.
Tell your parents or another responsible adult where you are going (this point is for teenagers especially). Going to a boy/girl's house (or a secluded area) that you don't really know very well without telling anyone is surely a recipe for disaster. If anything happens to you, you could lose your parent's and friend's respect (and maybe even lose your virginity to rape) so your dignity would definitely disappear too. If you really want to see this boy or girl, make sure it's in a public area, e.g. a cafe.

Martin Peterson a member of the Barleycorn Music Club in Cape Town as well as Jasper a guitarist/singer/songwriter who happens to be a featured musician at the Barleycorn Music Club. They joined us to speak about the Barleycorn Music Festival taking place at Rygersdal Sports Club Main Hall, Erin Road, Rondebosch on the 13th February 2010 2:00pm - 10:00pm. It’ll be a day of nothing but the best in local music with over enough kiddies activities. To find out more visit

We then were joined by Liezl de Kock a member of the FTH:K company as well as one of the performers of the highest grossing theatre production on the fringe at the 2009 National Arts Festival show called, “pictures of you”. “Using a sumptuous blend of character masks, magic realism, arresting imagery, puppetry and an imaginative soundscape, Pictures of You weaves together a surreal world across the thin line between dreaming and reality, between sanity and insanity. It is a love story that explores the pleasure, pain, mistakes and forgiveness that govern our responses to being in love.”

Afghan Proverb
Be patient with your enemies and forgiving of your friends.
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