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What is real hip hop, if it is not reflective of me? Get this and more from Cape Town's collective, Soundz of the South

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By Denisia Adams
Machination mack-uh-NAY-shuhn; noun;
1. The act of plotting.
2. A crafty scheme; a cunning design or plot intended to accomplish some usually evil end.

South African Trivia Question
What female South African multi-talented RNB singer/song-writer is known for her songs titled “Are u the one?” , “For Life” and current Girls Girls Boys Boys?
Answer: Jerusha Naidoo
Jerusha made history as the first Indian woman to break into the mainstream music industry in South Africa. Her stage career started with Cape Town based R&B girl group “Essential”. Her solo career kicked off following an appearance on the hit reality TV series Coca-Cola Popstars. She was immediately signed by Craig McGahey of Mama Dance Music and has co-billed with the likes of Ja-Rule, Freshly Ground, Danny K, Jae, Verd, Afro Z, Bianca Le Grange,Red Angel and many other top-notch artists.

Contrary to common belief, barefoot running may actually be better for your feet than running in shoes. According to researchers, barefoot runners have a decidedly different strike than those who wear shoes, hitting the ground with the balls of the feet first rather than the heel. This creates a situation where there is virtually no impact collision. The study also showed that barefoot runners have a springier step and use their calf and foot muscles more efficiently.

How to Forgive, Forget and Let Go
Step 1
The first and most important step is allowing yourself permission to forgive. When we focus more on the consequences of not forgiving ourselves, we shift the focus to ourselves and how we can move beyond the past hurt and blame. The situation becomes less about the person who wronged you and more about how you are able to heal and develop a sense of peace.
Step 2
Forgiving someone else first involves recognizing that forgiving is not giving that person absolution for a previous wrong. Forgiveness is often confused with absolution since the terms are used almost interchangeably in most religions. What if the person who wronged you is not living? What if the person is someone who caused you extreme embarrassement during school 20 or 30 years ago? These people are not available to you to discuss the situation, nor do they have to be. Letting go of emotional pain does not mean that nothing happened; it means that you no longer want to be controlled by it.
Step 3
Recognize that forgiveness is not denial. Whatever caused the pain was a real incident. Denying that it happened and calling it forgiveness means that it is too painful to work through the emotions. There is no timeline on forgiveness. Some steps take longer to get through, and it is acceptable to work through some of it and set it aside for a period of time. Part of forgiveness is understanding that whether or not someone takes responsibility for it (and may even demonstrate remorse), does not control whether or not you intend to continue investing emotional pain and distress each time you revisit what happened.
Step 4
Understand that not everyone who forgives reconciles with the person who caused the pain. There are relationships that are toxic and even physically dangerous. While it is possible to forgive the past and move beyond it, it may also mean that the person who was involved no longer can play an active role in your life. If a person or situation is not safe, it may be best not to reconcile the relationship and then work on forgiveness at a time when you are emotionally healthy and physically safe.
Step 5
Make a conscious decision to forgive someone. Even if they never apologize for what happened, determine within yourself that it is fine to proceed without this apology. Apologies should not be about permission to us to forgive someone. Apologies should be offered as an effort of true remorse and acknowledgement that taking personal responsibility for the situation is important. Even without that apology, make up your mind to forgive, forget, and eventually let go.

Indigenous from a conscious building SOS aka Soundz of the South. Soundz of the South (SOS) is a cultural resistance movement, aimed to build a counter culture to the one prevalent in our disadvantage community. Every last Friday of the month SOS host a Hip Hop and Poetry Slam Session. This Friday 29 January 2010 it’s taking place at Lookout Hill in Khayelitsha and it starts at 17h30 till 21h30.
To find out more about SOS join their facebook group or contact Indigenous on 073 2121 444 or email
“We want youths to build their self image instead of being self-destructive.”

Helen Keller
The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart.
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