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We discussed Feminism on today's Gender Hub Show. It's still a topic widely misunderstood. Lets hear from you,what do you think?

By Denisia Adams
1. To bring together; to fuse together; to join or meld.
2. To combine (as two readings of a text) into one whole.
Eg. It is vital that we do not conflate today with tomorrow.

Who is currently Cape Town's mayor?
Answer: Dan Plato

Lung specialists are hopeful that a new technique that repairs lungs deemed too damaged for transplantation will increase the supply of organs available to patients who need them. While more research is needed to see if the repairs will hold up inside a human body, the results of laboratory testing have been promising. The technique, an out-of-the-body gene therapy treatment, promotes the production of interleukin-10, a substance that helps reduce damaging inflammation in the lungs. Human lungs subjected to the treatment showed significant improvement in their ability to take in fresh oxygen and expel carbon dioxide.

How to Stop Being Paranoid
Are you always scared that something's going to happen to you? Looking over your shoulder, thinking others are talking about you? Do you see a conspiracy around every corner? Read on to learn how to stop being so paranoid.
1. Be nice to people who are nice to you and even to strangers, such as holding a door for them in public places.
2. Hold your head up high and walk like you are a person with a passion -- a passion for life and you are not going to let anyone take that away from you. Set out and do your goals. Even if people do keep looking at you in public, ignore it.
3. Make changes of the way you are for no one but yourself. Even if people laugh at you and find something to pick on. Just think, are you ever going to want that person in your life? NO, so don't stress about it. Ever heard that saying, everybody is different?
4. Learn to block out or accept negative comments others make... just know that they will get criticism back just the same: What goes around comes around. So, most likely if they pick on you, they do it to others also and in turn probably have social problems to a degree because people think less of them for their behavior. You must learn to see the bigger picture.
5. Don't gossip but avoid a life that will give you a bad reputation... unless this isn't something you worry about. But if you are on this page you might care to avoid it.
o Keep your personal opinions to yourself, for yourself and never show anger.
6. Maintain a good work ethic; be reliable. Let others do their own self-management and don't judge other persons' work. Try to maintain a positive attitude by showing thankfulness, courtesy and amiability to fit with the environment you work in. Keep your skills strong; know and do what is expected. Then you should have little to worry about in your work if you don't call in sick all the time or come in late.
7. Accept the fact that some people aren't so nice. Don't argue or belittle people or it will come back on you.
8. Get along with others; be nice to your enemy (real or supposed); cooperate; have a good work ethic; get into what is needed, but wait until tomorrow to worry and don't criticize other people: these are key concepts to stop being paranoid.
9. Keep yourself busy so that if you're doing something else besides obsessing over negative stuff then you won't think about it as much.
10. If you're really scared or nervous tell you parents/friends, whoever will support you, and they will help you. Don't be afraid; they won't laugh or ignore you; they will help you through this tough time!
• Believe in yourself, you have the confidence to do anything you want to. Don't let little things bother you and do your best.
• Most people tend feel a little bit edgy and more sensitive, especially when it comes to paranoia, when they are sleep-deprived. Get a good night's sleep (about 8 to 9 hours) and you'll more than likely feel better.

Jane Benette from the African Gender Institiute UCT as well Felix, a gender reasearher. They both joined us to define Feminism.
L. A. Rouchefolicauld
When a man finds no peace within himself, it is useless to seek it elsewhere.
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