Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Today was a highly unfortunate day for the Morning Cruise .... Yes, sad but true but the usual features still remained. See more

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By Denisia Adams

To turn aside, especially from the main subject in writing or speaking; to wander off a subject.
Eg. "Michael started his story about a rabbit, but soon digressed into a tale about a pig."

What is one of Port Elizabeth’s greatest treasures?
A – the mountains B – traffic or C - clean beaches and warm water
Answer: C - clean beaches and warm water

DID YOU KNOW (www.didyouknow.org)
Look, but don't touch! The blue-ringed octopus is only the size of a golf ball but it's poison is powerful enough to kill an adult human in a matter of minutes. ALSO DID YOU KNOW Adult frogs are carnivorous and will eat just about anything smaller than themselves, including insects, worms and even other frogs. Some frogs are tiny but the largest, the Goliath frog, is the size of a baby deer!

How to Relieve Stress After a Hard Day of Work
A hard day of work can be exhausting and leave you irritable. Sometimes you may find yourself unable to unwind and accidently taking things from work out on your family, friends, or roommates at home. Relieving the stress from a hard day of work isn't always easy, but it is necessary in order for you to feel emotionally and mentally healthy. Try these tricks for relieving stress after a hard work day in order to wind down and relax like you deserve.
Step 1
As soon as you get in the door at home, take your shoes off and get comfortable. Put on some lounge clothes that make you feel relaxed. Put away your work clothes and think of how your putting away the hard day you've had. Get as comfortable as possible by putting on your favorite socks, t-shirt, or even pajamas. Getting your body comfortable after a long day of work will get your mind relaxed and help you to relieve the stress of the day.
Step 2
Take a warm shower or bath. If you need to unwind from a hard day of work, try calming yourself in a warm shower and letting the water run over your body. Think of the water as cleansing away your stress. You may prefer to take a bath instead, if you have time for this. A bath can relax your body and mind. Try soaking in a scented bubble bath or add bath salts to calm your senses. Scents, such as lavender, that are pleasing can calm your body and mind completely.
Step 3
Exercise your body. Sometimes the best way to relieve stress is to go for a run or even a long walk. You may feel tired, but exercising is a great way to get relaxed after a hard day of work. Not only do you get to work out your aggression, but you also get to work tense muscles that need attention from stress. Exercising after a hard day at work is a great way to get out frustrations before getting involved in your nightly home routine. This way, you'll be less irritable when you encounter family at home and be able to enjoy your night.
Step 4
Sit in front of the television and veg out for a little while. Those most of us don't always have time to relax right when we get home from work, it is important to have a little ‘me' time in order to de-stress. Try to set aside at least 20 minutes to sit down and relax before tackling home chores, homework with children, or cooking. You could even spend a little time with family sitting in front of the television or playing a quick board game to relax. It's important to relieve stress after a hard work day so that you can let go of anything you had to deal with during the day and switch your mind to vital family matters.
Step 5
Have a good cry. Sometimes the best way to relieve stress after a hard work day is to cry. Whether you're angry, frustrated, or irritated, having a good cry can take those emotions and cleanse them from your body. Many people cry when they are angry because it helps to relieve emotions that are tough to deal with. If you are unable to cry, or don't usually cry, think of something that makes you sad to help get the stress out. Work is tough on our bodies and minds and often times we just need to cry to release feelings of frustration. And it's perfectly normal to cry. If you do so in privacy, you never have to feel embarrassed so go somewhere you won't be seen or heard if your concerned about that.
Step 6
Listen to music, sing, and dance. Music can be very uplifting and a great way to relieve stress after a hard work day. Play some music in the car on the ride home from work. Turn the music up loud and sing your heart out. Singing can release aggression and irritability so that you feel better emotionally. Music can do amazing things for your mental wellness and using it to relieve stress is no different. You could even play music when you get home and dance around with your children to get into a silly mood that will get rid of stress after a hard work day, instantly!

ALSO FEATURED (or what we didn’t):
Today was a highly unfortunate day for the Morning Cruise due to the fact that people who seemed interested in partaking in the Sexual Abuse topic (organisations etc) had backed out. Yes, sad but true. Instead we played old interviews one of which addressed sibling rivalry the other on how stress can be fattening.

Let him that would move the world first move himself.
That’s it for the Morning Cruise, where we cruise through your weekday here on BushRadio 89.5fm live on your stereo between 9am – 12pm with me Denisia Adams. Take Care ... make the best of your day and Keep the Faith. Stay Real!!!!!!!!!!

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