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By Denisia Adams
1. derived from or relating to experiment and observation rather than theory
2. based on practical experience rather than scientific proof
Eg. Because her father had already past away, she was empirical to her friend's pain.

What is Clanwilliam also well-known as?
A – Williamclan
B – the place besides the sea
C – Veldskoene (leather shoes)

Answer: C – Veldskoene (leather shoes) made by Strassbergers. A visit to the factory is worthwhile, and shoes can be bought from them in any size and colour.

DID YOU KNOW (www.didyouknow.org)
Queen Isabella of Castile, who dispatched Christopher Columbus to find the Americas, boasted that she had only two baths in her life - at her birth and before she got married. ALSO DID YOU KNOW Winston Churchill was a stutterer. As a child, one of his teachers warned, "Because of his stuttering he should be discouraged from following in his father's political footsteps."

How to Answer Tricky Job Interview Questions
Most people find job interviews challenging and nerve racking. The interesting thing is that most interviewers generally ask the same questions or a variation of them. Knowing this gives you an opportunity to prepare ahead of time. Here are some ideas to help you answer some of the most tricky job interview questions.
Step 1
Answer by pointing out your qualifications when the interviewer asks you to tell him about yourself. This tricky question, often during a job interview, leads many applicants to start talking about where they’re from or how many family members they have. However, this is an opportunity to sell yourself, and convince the interviewer that you’re the right person for the position.
Step 2
Think about one weakness that you can discuss when asked what your main weakness is. For example, being a workaholic is a weakness that works to the employer’s advantage because it means that you’ll get the work done. Another example is if you have a hard time saying, no. Having this weakness means that you’ll be a team player so the company benefits from
Step 3
Consider the answer, when asked where you see yourself 2 or 3 years from now, that hopefully you’ll be hired for the position, and you’ll be with ABC, Inc. Possibly you will have advanced to a promoted position.
Step 4
Be positive during the job interview when asked why you left your previous job. Never bash an ex-employer, even if you have reason to be negative. You may state that you decided to look for a company with room for growth, where you can better utilize your skills.
Step 5
Respond by saying that both,listening and talking, are important at the appropriate time when asked during the job interview which you think is more important--talking or listening. Employers don’t want employees that don’t contribute or give input. At the same time, they don’t want someone that has an opinion on every matter.
Step 6
Be honest when asked the tricky question: Have you ever been fired? If you have, make sure to mention what you’ve learned from the experience, and how you have improved.
Step 7
Answer by giving a salary range rather than a specific amount when asked about your salary requirements. For example, you may mention that depending on the duties, R20 to R25 p/h is acceptable to you.

Nicky Robertson a motivational speaker. She joined us to discuss how to rediscover your personal worth. She mentioned array of options and steps to take like start focusing on your positives start loving everything about you even if it’s not appreciated by others. To often we focus on the negatives, negative comments basically, just STOP! You can either win or lose and it’s time to start choosing to win.

I was then joined by Jenny Handley from Jenny Handley Promotions. This time around we discussed the ‘brief and budget keys to success’. Jenny mentioned how we often think a business and brand plan applies to a business in fact we need to see ourselves as a business, we are all brands. Jenny says to successfully do this write down your strengths, challenges and how people perceive you, use someone who knows you professionally and well to help with keeping a track record on your progress and take yourself seriously and always look for opportunities to raise your profile. Lastly we should 75% of the time focus on working on our strengths 20% on challenges and the other 5% just doing things differently. For more on Jenny Handley Promotions visit http://www.jennyhandleypromotions.co.za/
Chinese Proverb
If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow.
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