Wednesday, April 16, 2008

By Chanel September

Good Day! How are you doing? I hope that you had an absolutely fabulous on this oh so super Wednesday. Today is the 16th of April 2008 and that means the mid-week Wednesday edition of the Morning Cruise. We into the third day of the week, you know for me and I’m sure many will agree with me… Wednesday is always a day that is sort of in the middle coz it’s a half way mark and I think at the back of my mind I know that there is only two more days left of the working week …so if it’s your birthday or anniversary on this Wednesday morning then happy birthday/anniversary… I hope that you have a wonderful day and that you are spoilt by your family or loved ones coz you deserve it…

Moving onto today’s show we had all the usuals such as you’re Word of the Day, your SA Q&A, Information Guide, JobShop, and you’re Quote of the Day.

We had an interview with:

· Grant Solomons and he uses of languages to break cultural barriers with talks at schools. You can contact Grant if you want to learn how to speak Xhosa on (021) 715 7542

· We also spoke to Claudine Cooper from Cycle Breakers and she spoke to us about the organization and the support they offer to members of the community. If you want to know more about Cycle Breakers on (021) 371 7323 or on 082 665 0678.

· Our last interview was with Cheryl Steyns and she spoke to us about he Business Women’s Association Awards that is taking place soon. You can contact Cheryl if you want more information on (021) 671 6118.

Word of the Day:

FLOUNCE – to walk in an impatient or angry manner

Trivial Question:

Q: In which city will you find the big hole?
A: Kimberley

Quote of the Day:

Mathama Gandi – Satisfaction lies in the effort not the attainment. Full effort is full victory

It’s time for me to love and leave you. You must have oh so super Wednesday. Let’s chat again tomorrow…Much Love…Peace...

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