Friday, April 04, 2008

By Chanel September

Good Day! How are you doing? I hope that you had an absolutely fabulous on this Friday. Today is the 4th of April 2008 and that means the Friday edition of the Morning Cruise and today we focusing on Arts and Entertainment. Its official the weekend is here I know many people can’t wait until knock off time so that they can spend there weekend with there friends and family or even if they just want to relax. So if it's your birthday today then happy birthday I hope that you a super day…

Moving onto today’s show we had all the usuals such as you’re Word of the Day, your SA Q&A, Information Guide, JobShop, and you’re Quote of the Day.

We also had interviews with:

· Nashira Abrahams-De Joghn and she spoke to about the Youth Away From Violence March taking place tomorrow the 5th of April in Gugulethu.

· Nathan Lodewyk and Angelo Coetzee both of them are from the Crazy Hip Squad and they just spoke to us a little about their dance group and there plans for 2008.

· We also spoke to Giempie and the Platters from the Mo -Town Extravaganza currently running, so do check it out tonight is the last performance at the Joseph Theatre in Athlone.

· Our last interview was with Latesha Fisher from Heal the Hood and he spoke to us about Shut Up and Dance and just a little about the organization itself

Word of the Day:

PANACHE – flamboyant confidence or if someone has a confident style or manner

Trivial Question:

Q: What is the name of the Benoni actress who won an Oscar in 2004?
A: Charlize Theron

Quote of the Day:

John Lennon - Reality leaves a lot to the imagination

It’s time for me to love and leave you. You must have oh so super Friday and a fantastic weekend. Let’s chat again on Monday…Much Love…Peace…

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