Wednesday, October 27, 2010

For breast cancer awareness month we focused on breast cancer and medical aid

Free drugs for addicts a 'model plan'
Switzerland's innovative policy of providing drug addicts with free methadone and clean needles has greatly reduced deaths while cutting crime rates and should serve as a global model, health experts said.
Swiss authorities authorised experiments such as syringe exchange programs and safe injection rooms offering a shower, bed and hygienic conditions under medical supervision, said Dreifuss, who led the campaign to reform narcotic drug policy.
Dr Ambros Uchtenhagen, who helped pioneer heroin substitution and chairs the Research Institute for Public Health and Addiction at Zurich University.
"The number of drug injectors with HIV has been reduced by over 50% in 10 years. Overdose mortality among injectors has been reduced by over 50% in the decade," he said. "Delinquency related to drugs has been reduced enormously.",59165.asp
Name the street in Soweto that houses two Nobel Peace Prize winners?
A – Vilakazi street, Orlando West
B – Nelson Mandela and ArchBishop Desmond Tutu street
C – Long street
Answer: A – Vilakazi street, Orlando West

October is Breast Cancer awareness month and for Gender Hub Wednesday today we focused on Breast cancer and medical aid. I was joined by Samantha Galliet breast cancer survivor and activist from Campaign 4 Cancer . Campaign for cancer invites all who wants to share their stories to email:

Today’s Inspiration of the day
Just Let It Go!
If life has no joy and no reward other than pain and constant struggle, then that is a whole lot to deal with. To survive which is something you are not sure you even want to do you must go on. We cannot see into the future, but we sure can loathe the present and agonize about the past. Such heavy feelings would make our future seem bleak indeed. But despite appearances, no situation is hopeless.

Let go your responsibilities, let go your burdens, and let go your cares. Do whatever it is you want to do, the things you really feel like doing because you can do no wrong. There are no consequences because whatever happens was meant to happen and would have happened no matter what. You cannot affect it and you need not be affected by it. It is a script already written and we are only puppets in a play tied to strings of motivation that we mistake for free will. But it is not real. It is an illusion.

How happy go lucky would you be if you knew you were dreaming life? You are dreaming life! We all are, but just do not know it! If you are carrying the weight of reality right now... let it go. Lighten up. If you have the weight of the world on your shoulders... let it go. Live unencumbered. 200 years ago, today was as nothing to you, just as 200 years from now is as nothing to you today. Today is as nothing to you both 200 years ago and 200 years from now. Just let it go.

Forget your troubles. Relax. Open your mind and open your hands and you will be grabbing hold of nothing. Everyone seems to think they need something. Release your need for anything and you will be enlightened. There will be nothing to hold you down. You will fly. You will soar to the heights of freedom and liberation. Just let it go and you will go beyond. Beyond concern or care.

A coward gets scared and quits. A hero gets scared, but still goes on. - Anonymous
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