Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Today MC showcased and discussed a 'project sms to fight crime' in Cape Town

keeping Cape Town in the know
Capetonians earn 5 percent less than the national average salary while their counterparts in Pretoria earn 7 percent more than the national average, a recent national employee income survey has shown.A national income survey by JobCrystal, a recruiting agency for more than 140 000 jobseekers, found that the average income of a South African employee is R19 273 a month.Cape Town workers earn an average salary of R18 291 a month, ranking third after Joburg - where workers earn an average of R19 964 a month - and Pretoria, the top-earning city, where workers earn an average salary of R20 663. The major city with the lowest average income is Durban, at R17 020
http://www.iolproperty.co.za/roller/news/entry/capetonians_still_penalised_for_lifestyle SA TRIVIA QUESTION
What town in South Africa is known as the heart of the sunshine city. It lies midway between Port Elizabeth and East London on the Kowie River.
A – Port Alfred B – Elizabeth Port C – doesn’t exist
A – Port Alfred

Anne Marie Jordaan from the tableview ratepayers association and Michaels Jacobs from the Mitchell's Plain Community Police Forum.

Both Anne Marie and Michael Jacobs crimefighters in different ways and serving different (financial etc) Cape Town communities, joined me to discussed the idea of fighting crime with a simple sms. Anne Marie Jordaan is the brainchild of the idea and the idea came about when attending policing community forums. She had noticed how the police was looking for ways to really work together with the community. Anne Marie Jordaan says,"I thought of a system of compiling a database of those people who want to get involved in the community and the police would be in controll of the database and in the event of a crime situation occuring where police felt like they needed assistance from the community they would simply sms the relevant people in that particular area to get them to keep an eye out for a person or vehicle etc and they would simply call their sector police and let them do the work.

Michael Jacobs then agreed that the project would definitely work in the Mitchell's Plain area as well. It's also a great way for community members to remain anonymous when giving police tip-offs and being involved in crime fighting without physical having to patrol with the neighbourhood watch. Mitchell's Plain does have some residence making use of smses to the police however it is not a structured setup.Michael also gave us a positive update on how anonymous tip offs have been working in Mitchell's Plain. About a month ago drugs worth more than R100 000 was confiscated from a well known drug house from an anonymous tip off as well as about a month ago another anonymous tip-off saw arms cash together with explosives being used to make bombs in Tafelsig confiscated.

Project sms to fight crime has not as yet kicked off completely but Anne Marie says she has been inundated with emails of residence wanting to get involved.

Both Anne Marie Jordaan and Michael Jacobs have agreed to be in contact and continue to share ideas and if possible resourses to fight crime.

Today’s Inspiration of the day
5 ways your sense of smell can improve your wellbeing
By Kim Bell, Longevity Magazine
Can’t concentrate? Take a whiff of rosemary
You feel like your day is dragging, you’ve already had your daily quota of caffeine and then some, but you have that pesky 3pm meeting you need to be alert for. It’s time to pull out your secret weapon –rosemary essential oil. Psychologists at the University of Northumbria in the UK, tested this scent on memory, attention and mood and discovered that not only did rosemary make those tested feel more alert, but it enhanced long-term memory by 15 percent. If rosemary isn’t your scent of choice, peppermint works just as well. Researchers from the Wheeling Jesuit University in the US found that the scent of peppermint improved performance and speed when completing tasks.
Want to appear thinner? Change your perfume.
A study out of the Smell and Taste Treatment & Research Foundation found that the combination of floral and spice scents reduced the perception of a woman’s weight by an average of 2kg-5kg less than their actual weight. However, the combinations of citrus and floral, and sweat pea and lily of the valley didn’t shift perception of weight at all. The researchers feel that when you perceive yourself to be leaner than you actually are, you tend to be more socially active and confident, which in turn, promotes you to participate in healthy activities such as exercise.
Want to be more fit? Try peppermint
Lagging in endurance when it comes to exercise and activity? It’s time to breathe in some peppermint essence. Researchers from the Department of Psychology at Wheeling Jesuit University, US, found that the scent of peppermint increased running speed, handgrip strength and the number of pushups the participants were able to do. However, they were quick to point out; the smell doesn’t help improve accuracy or skill. That you need to do on your own.
Have a headache? Smell a green apple
The scent of fresh green apple is beneficial in helping alleviate headaches, including those mind-numbing migraines. Previous research has shown that this aroma has proven successful in helping alleviate anxiety and tension, which is why Hirsch, along with his counterpart Dr Chil Kang, chose green apples for their study. They discovered that those who like the smell had a significant reduction in the severity of their migraine and related symptoms, while those who don’t like the smell didn’t experience any change at all.
Either way – as sniffing this aroma can help you relax it is beneficial in helping to alleviate tension headaches, too. If you are susceptible to headaches, perhaps you should stop hanging around your smoker friends. The National Headache Foundation in Chicago, US, warns that cigarette and tobacco smoke are huge culprits for triggering headaches and even migraines in both smokers and non-smokers alike.
Take years off? Spritz some pink grapefruit
Your choice of fragrance can affect the perception of your age. Scientists from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey in the US, found that universally, men associate the smell of roses with an older, more mature woman, while the fresh scent of apples is considered a young woman’s choice. However, if you want to take years off your actual age, Dr Hirsch recommends you spritz with pink grapefruit. The Smell and Taste Institute’s research asked male volunteers to write down the ages of women wearing grapefruit scent. On average they were perceived to be six to 10 years younger than they actually were.

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