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"She likes it", "but he loves me".16days of activism 25Nov-10Dec. MC showcased what organisations doing during this time

Almost one-quarter of young women who are overweight actually perceive themselves as being normal weight, while a sizable minority (16%) of women at normal body weight actually fret that they're too fat, according to a new study. Although the study looked mostly at low-income women attending public-health clinics in Texas, the findings do mirror other studies in different populations, including a recent Harris Interactive/HealthDay poll. That survey found that 30% of adults in the "overweight" class believed they were actually normal size, while 70% of those classified as obese felt they were simply overweight. Among the heaviest group, the morbidly obese, 39% considered themselves merely overweight. The problem, according to study lead author Mahbubur Rahman, is that for some women, being overweight has become the norm.

Juanne Waites, social worker from NICRO (National Institute fro Crime Prevention and Reintergration of Offenders). Since the 16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children (international campaign) is taking place from 25 November we discussed what NICRO will be doing during this time.
Juanne spoke about their (NICRO) programme that has been running since 2010 that focuses on the offenders of abuse against women and in their case it works primarily with men. Statistics show that women are more at risk of becoming victims of abuse than men. According to the MRC 2005 states that every 6hours a women is killed by her intimate partner and according to the department of justice 1997 states that 1 in 4 women are victims of homicide involving the partner.

The programme tries to dispel the myths around ‘love’ and relationships and trying to correct the thinking process that in most cases are cultivated from as young as five years old. It seeks to educate the community but hold them accountable for their actions, educating all that relationships should not have violence and there are different ways of dealing with situations.

On the 4th December 2010 NICRO will be having open exhibition of their services to the public at the Rockland’s sport field in Mitchell’s Plain. There’ll be great entertainment and so much more. For details you can contact NICRO’s office number in Mitchell’s Plain 021 397 6060.
It’s time to break the silence not only the victims but the perpetrators more so. It’s time for honest communication and time for healing.

Today’s Inspiration of the day
18 Ways to Deal With Your Mistakes
Not sure about you, but I make mistakes all of the time. Sometimes I make the same mistakes over and over, and sometimes I just make completely new mistakes.
Mistakes are part of life: work, friendships, romance, family, self-improvement, education, and more. Here are a few things I’ve learned from making mistakes for the past 30 years.
When you make a mistake:
1. Admit that you made a mistake. Think that’s cliché? Doesn’t matter. It’s necessary. Do it.
2. Don’t blame your mistake on someone else.
3. Don’t blame your mistake on the ten other times you made the mistake.
4. Don’t wish you never made the mistake.
5. Figure out where you went wrong. If you can’t figure it out yourself, ask someone.
6. Share your mistake with someone who is accepting and wise.
7. When that person gives you advice, don’t shrug it off.
8. Acknowledge that you are not perfect, and that is okay.
And then:
9. Next time, be willing to do it someone else’s way.
10. Next time, ask that person what to do.
11. Next time, don’t ask that person what to do.
12. Next time, read the directions.
13. Next time, ask for directions.
14. Next time, do something differently.
15. Next time, do everything differently.
16. Next time, have a little more patience.
17. Next time, do it for the right reasons.
18. Next time, accept help.
When was the last time you made a mistake? What was the very first thing that came to your mind?

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