Tuesday, May 19, 2009

By Denisia Adams
Hi there hope you doing excellent as the missed sun finally reared its shiny face. Check out how we kept you in the know between 9am – 12pm.

Being beyond what is required or sufficient.

Example: It is superfluous to have 36 pairs of shoes when you always wear the same five pairs.

Which was the first village in South Africa to have electricity and waterborne sewerage?

A – Benoni B – Matjiesfontein C – Cape Town

Answer: B – Matjiesfontein

Matjiesfontein was founded in 1884 by the legendary James Douglas Logan. It has become well known for its splendid historical buildings and in testament the entire Village was restored in 1970 and declared a National Historic Monument.

DID YOU KNOW (www.didyouknow.org)
In the Middle Ages, sugar was a treasured luxury costing 9 times as much as milk. Also did you know statistics show that people with high, medium and low income groups spend about the same amount on Christmas gifts.

TIP OF THE DAY (www.ehow.com)
How to avoid SAD (seasonal affective disorder)

Wintertime is the time of year when more depression occurs. Here are some simple tips to avoid this common seasonal blues.

Step 1
Drive in the sun. On cold, but sunny days - roll down windows or open the sunroof (this is best option).

Step 2
Sit by windows. When you go out to eat, ask to be seated by the windows. Keep in mind that windows do have UV protection, so you are not getting a lot of sun. But you are at least getting natural light therapy.

Step 3
Go outside. Even if it’s cold, a1/2 hour a day outside can make a world of difference. Try walking to your closet store (rather than driving to it), or walk with a friend (hot coffee in hand). This is the BEST way to ward off SAD.

Step 4
If SAD does happen. Look for support. Research online and specifically search for others that are going through it as well. Having this type of support will make a world of difference.

Step 5
Schedule a mid-winter holiday. There are lots of places you can go that are not expensive during the winter.

Step 6
Readjust your attitude. There are hobbies you can take up (baking, reading, writing, etc) that will keep you going during the SAD-infested season.

Dr Ina Diener who joined us to speak how physiotherapy can offer relief to severe headaches. To find out more http://www.omptg.co.za/.

We then played a feature done by Bush Radio’s news intern about the doctors’ strike.

Lastly we spoke to director of Baby Safe, Bethany Connor who joined us to discuss the alternatives to baby dumping and this is where an organisation like Baby Safe comes in. To find out more visit http://www.thebabysafe.co.za/ or call Bethany on 072 116 54 03

~ A man who dares to waste an hour of time has not discovered the value of life.

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