Wednesday, May 13, 2009

By Denisia Adams

Good day, Brilliant day, Awesome day, yes good mood? Actually yes not too shabby hay. Today saw Gender Hub on the Morning Cruise, check it out:

1. (of a person) entitled to respect because of great age or
2. (of an object) impressive because it is old or important

Who composed ‘Nkosi Sikelei iAfika’ in 1897?

Answer: Enoch Sontonga

Environmentalists say crocodiles in Nigeria may soon be driven to extinction if something is not done to protect them from the leather industry. Crocodile pelts are commonly used to make high-quality leather products, such as handbags and shoes, and can fetch between 40 and 170 dollars depending on their size. At least two species of crocodile are believed to be near extinction in Nigeria now, including the Nile crocodile, whose skin is considered the most valuable.

How to Spend Time Usefully While Unemployed
By Kristen Fischer, eHow Expert in Careers & Work

Step 1
Plan activities with the family. Work isn’t an excuse for not going to a SOCCER game with your children now. Take the time to be apart of their lives to a fuller extent. Go for a walk with your significant other in the park. Do the things you always wanted to do with the family.

Step 2
Get a hobby. Find a fun and challenging activity that can help take your mind off not working. Learn a new language or take up fishing. Keep yourself active or you might steer down the road towards depression. Always look at your time as an opportunity to learn something new.

Step 3
Volunteer. It really doesn’t matter what you may choose to volunteer for, but getting out of the house and doing something for others will help pass the hours. Go down to the local shelter and hand out food or join a clean up crew and clean the highways. Getting involved in the community can be great for the soul and can be a beneficial resume filler.

Step 4
Participate in training courses. There are places which offer some kind of training courses when unemployed. Take a computer course in Microsoft Word even if you think you know all about it. Having a state certificate asserting you have passed a training course can definitely help find that new job and reflect on your resume that you stayed active in pursuing your professional development while out of work.

Ayanda Gwenya a freelance writer for We spoke about her column dedicated to her daughter in fact it’s called “A letter to my daughter”. A letter from a mother to her daughter for mother’s day expressing a her love and giving encouraging words.

We then spoke Enrica van der Linden a women in architecture.

Claude Pepper
~ Life is like riding a bicycle. You don't fall off unless you plan to stop peddling.

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