Friday, July 14, 2017

Leon Isaacson from Global Migration SA

Tuesday 11 July 2017

We talked to Leon Isaacson from Global Migration South Africa about their work. Global Migration South Africa assists with bringing in skilled people to South Africa. They look at nationality, CV, qualifications and family relations when assisting individuals with their relocation to South Africa. When Home Affairs changed the rules in 2014, it became a lot more technical, difficult and expensive to relocate. According to Leon, one of Global Migration SA’s main difficulties is the critical skills list, in which people with certain skills are brought in since South Africa is not producing enough people with those particular skills, such as agriculture sciences and doctors. This to ensure that a foreigner coming into the country is not displacing a South African citizen that can do the job. Zimbabwe as well as Lesotho now have dispensation agreements with South Africa. South Africa continues to have its ups and downs politically but is favorable in many other industries including property.

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