Friday, July 21, 2017

Creating jobs and business leaders: First Car Care College

Jaques Erasmus and Abigail Warwick from First Car Care College came to talk to us in the studio. First Car Care College is a fully functional auto-body repair shop and a practical private college based in the Western Cape. The college trains students in artisanal skills such as spray painting and automotive body repair and then helps those students find employment. 

Jaques says his goal is to help take people off the street and give them a skill, employment, and future business skills. The college currently has 65 students and almost 95% of those students receive sponsorships to attend the college so that they do not have to pay the full college fees. Artisanal training and low fees... sign me up please. The aim of First Car Care College, Jaques says, is “not only to create artisans, but also to create future business leaders” so that they can turn around and employ more people. 

Abigail Warwick, a current student at the college gave us a personal insight into the life of a First Car Care College student. She began her studies in 2012 and is now a qualified spray painter. Not only does she have a certificate in spray painting, but she is also starting her own panel shop along with two of her colleagues. She says she is “looking forward to helping other people find jobs."  Her success story shows women and men alike that the First Car Care College helps students not only become skilled workers but also business leaders.

Presenter: Mkhuseli Khusi Veto
Producer: Sophie Breck

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