Thursday, August 04, 2011

taking the negative and making it positive

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First up: Hilda de Beer from the Newkidz on the Block. Newkidz is a non profit organization who builds sustainable child–support networks in communities and link them with foster families and children's homes, promote foster care, facilitate renovations and maintenance of children's homes etc. Newkidz already have 19 completed projects (check the website). Hilda mentioned that the organisation seeks sponsors to assist them in their plight of orphans in South Africa, however, what makes the project go from strength to strength is the assistance of the volunteers who give their time during the operation of each project.
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Next up, the Morning Cruise spoke to Jules Newton founder of Avovision/Footprint SA. We focused on Footprint SA whose motto is “You teach a woman, you teach a village”. Footprint SA gives women from underprivelege communities a chance to enhance their lives and essentially their small businesses by providing them with financial literacy. "Financial literacy training empowers people to make better financial decisions, and to understand how particular financial products can help them achieve their goals.".

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