Monday, August 22, 2011

Book Reviews on the Morning Cruise

First up we had Kenni Gambo who spoke about his latest book release, "Conquering the Odds Stacked Against You". The book deals with the obstacles you will encounter on your way to your dreams, especially the ones you least expect. The book gives insightful tips on how to turn every obstacle you face to your advantage. Take value from your life lessons which is also known to society as "mistakes". Kenni Gambo believes life has designed a path for each of us to take and every experience we encounter, good or bad, is purposeful. Kenni also believes, "that sometimes the answer no takes you to the place called yes". Basically the book makes it easy for people to understand this concept. Check out his blog for more info

Second book review was done with Dr Sindiwe Magona who in fact was invited to write the book, "From Robben Island to Bischopscourt". It's the biography of Archbischop Njongokulu Ndugane . Archbischop Ndugane specifically wanted a women to write his biography according Magona. She says his a great femminist and very proud of it. When asked about her experiences when writing his biography Magona mention learned the Archbischop is a determined man, disciplined and godly. Magona says the more she dug into his life the more she realised the importance of early formation of family life. The book will also showcase that as an human being Archbischop Ndugane too had trials and tribulation but because of strong family support and love it almost allowed him to rise above it all strongly.

The Archbischop too was part of the struggle during the apartheid years and to quote Helen Holyoake at Helco's review,"Archbishop Njongonkulu Ndungane may not have held the international stage like previous Archbishop Desmond Tutu, but he occupies a pivotal place in the history of South Africa.".
The book  is available in all good stores.

One of my favourite book reviews which taught me about my past is, "The truth is one the walls". The book is about the experiences of Naz Gool Ebrahim who was part of the resistance movement during the forceful removal residence of District six during the apartheid years in South Africa. The truth is on the wall is about sharing/voicing peoples experiences that have not been told or even recognised. The book believes and by expressing the truth old scares can finally be healed.

Shahena remembers the day her mother after receiving the final eviction was so enraged that she started writing her feelings and political sayings on the walls and thereafter a tradition started that whoever came through Manly villa added onto the walls.

I interviewed the daughter of Naz Gool, Shahena Wingate Pearce co author of the book as well as being responsible for preserving the original manuscripts.
The book is available at all good book stores.

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