Wednesday, August 03, 2011


Today we spoke to Kissmea Naude a mother, a business woman, an achiever, award winner and a great inspiration for women to live their best life. For more information on her life an achievements read the article written in

Lastly, Bregje Piper from the WHEAT(Women’s Hope Education and Training) Trust She joined us this morning to inform of us of the organisation's plans for Women's Month, which is:

  • On Friday the 5th of August (3 to 5pm), we will be hosting the WHEAT award ceremony in celebration of, and to acknowledge the good work that the women are fulfilling in their communities, where they push the agenda for human rights for women. We are expecting about 250 people.
  • On Saturday the 6th of August, we are hosting a girl talk workshop at the Artscape theatre for 80 girls from disadvantaged or underprivileged backgrounds. There will be several activities here, but mainly, there will be emphasis on life skill impartation that the girls wouldn’t normally receive within the formal schooling system.
  • Lastly, participate in some of the public dialogues, mainly those being run by Elna Boesak

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