Friday, February 18, 2011

Art - C Friday showcased female djs and the Infecting the City festival


Social media is more popular than porn
At around 500 BC Greek philosopher Hiraclitus wrote that “the only constant is change.” Not much has changed since.

Movies with strong sexual or violence content usually bomb at the box office, as we pointed out in More Movies. Even video games outsell porn videos (and, in fact, all videos/DVDs). And if you think that the words “sex” or “porn” are the most searched words on Google you are wrong. At an early stage of Google – and AltaVista, Northern Light and Yahoo! and the almost 2000 other search engines – “sex” briefly did become the most searched word but the word “God” has remained at the top of searches for many years. Until recently.

Today’s Inspiration of the day
5 Sure-Fire Ways To Enjoy Every Day Of Your Life
Learn to laugh
Laughter is the healer of all ills. Smiling is the balm that soothes and settles. Both are the medicine that sustains a life of joy. Laugh in the face of problems. Laugh in the path of overwhelming odds. Learn to laugh at yourself. Laugh when you triumph, and laugh when you trip. But don't laugh at the expense of others. Share jokes that lift. Watch clean comedies that lighten the load. See the funny side, and search for it if you have to, to discover another reason to always laugh.
Stop taking yourself too seriously
Why so serious? Stop it today. Lighten up. So many people are so tightly wound that they will either crack up or blow up. Loosen the bonds of seriousness and be free. There was an actor that appeared on the film scape a number of years back and he called himself ‘Yahoo Serious’. Now the very name, let alone the way he presented himself - well can I simply say this - it was hard to get serious when he was around. So loosen the screw. Let down your hair. Find a reason to celebrate - for whatever reason - and be free at last from serious seriousdom - the land of the deadly serious - seriously!
Surround yourself with winners
I don't keep the company of losers. I'm at a loss why anyone would. The fact is that if you want to win in life, then you need to build around you a company of winners - in your field of endeavor and then others who are winners in their respective fields. Winners commit winning acts. Winners speak winning words. Winners have winning ways. Winners sometimes lose, but don't stay down. They get up, dust themselves off and go again.
Fill your world with winning books. Watch winning movies. Listen to winning speakers, but most of all associate with winners. True winners won't compete with you - but will join your cheer squad - cheering you on in your winning pursuit.
Make it your daily habit to express gratitude
Gratitude is of vital importance if you wish to remain fresh and vibrant in all your ways. Never take anything for granted. Always say thank you, and in everything you do, enter with an attitude of gratitude.
Show gratitude for another day to breathe, to dream and to fulfill the vision for your life. Hug and kiss your family. Embrace your friends. Cherish your clients. Adore your associates. Write cards. Send positive email communications. Distribute social media comments that lift.
Pursue your passion with 111% enthusiasm
We're all passionate about something. Trouble is that most of us are so focused on earning a living that our passions are often brushed aside.But to truly enjoy your life's journey it is imperative that you take time out to identify your strengths and invest time in the pursuit of your passions - the projects, the desires, and the sparks that lights you up on the inside. Then go pursue them with 111% effort and focus. Don't allow the distractions of life to detract you from your life mission.


For Art – C Friday today I showcased Underground Productionz . We also spoke about their female dj school as well as showcased Lady Gem one of the djs currently doing training with Underground Productionz.

Lastly I spoke to Brett Bailey curator of the, “Infecting the city festival taking place from 21st – 26th February 2011. This year’s the Infecting The City theme, ‘Treasure’ is about making art something. Live performances of ritual piercing, B-Boy duels, ballet, stick fighting and so much more all taking place at the Cape Town station.

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