Thursday, February 26, 2009

By Denisia Adams

Hay there hope you feelinh superb on this tasteful Thursday.

Today on Bushradio’s magazine show, the Morning Cruise saw Community Buzz Thursday, check it out:

beneficence \buh-NEFF-i-suhns\
The practice of doing good; active goodness, kindness, or charity.

What is Saldahna Bay’s economy strongly dependent on?

A – sand B – wine C- fishing, seafood and steel industry

Answer: C- fishing, seafood and steel industry

Saldanha Bay is strong on the watersports front. The town´s economy is strongly dependent on fishing, mussels, seafood processing, the steel industry and the harbour.

Traffic lights were used before the advent of the motorcar. Also did you know electric cars were introduced in 1896 and by the end of the century almost 50% of motorcars worldwide were electric.

How to Appreciate Life
Find a Purpose. Have an everday purpose. With everything we do, we should understand the reason behind it. What's your purpose and is it for the good of mankind? So many times in life we do the same thing day after day. Never realizing the great things that surround us. Try waking up each morning with an established purpose for your day. What are you going to do? Who are you going to help?

Step2 Don't waste time. Have a plan. If you're not improving yourself or helping others then you're wasting time. Life is about giving to others. It's amazing to think that we are all different. No one person is the same. We are all different and we all have a gift to give to each other. Understand time is precious and you should cherish every moment.

Step3 Help Others Be thankful. Do not focus on what you do not have. Be thankful for what you already have. Each morning give thanks to everything. Instead of saying, "Please allow me to win the lottery." Say, "I am thankful for having more than enough money to take care of all my needs." Give to three good deeds a day for someone else. It will make you feel good to know you have contributed to the world of mankind.

Tips & Warnings
Volunteer to help others. Join a program for children or elderly.
If we don't have a purpose then we are lost.

An interview with Phina Ntuku from Alive and kicking which provides disadvantaged children and youth the opportunity to play by supplying them with real, first class, hard wearing, repairable hand stitched leather soccer balls (netballs, volleyballs) suitable for playing in rough conditions such as thorny or gravel sports fields, to educate children and youth about HIV and AIDS prevention and treatment and other social issues that impact on their overall health

Then spoke to Mogale Sebopetsa from the Food and security programme which aims to support only groups from the historically disadvantaged communities who want to start a garden. The programme will finance the project with a start-up fund to initiate a community garden and/or project.

Lastly we spoke to Nomfundo Matroos CEO of Chrysalis Academy which is one of the leading social crime prevention & youth development organisations in South Africa, which empowers young people ‘at risk’ to take responsibility for their personal growth.

M. Scott Peck:
There can be no vulnerability without risk; there can be no community without vulnerability; there can be no peace, and ultimately no life, without community.

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