Thursday, March 27, 2008

By Chanel September

Good Day! How are you doing? I hope that you are absolutely fabulous on this some what sunny Thursday afternoon. Today is the 27th of March 2008 and that means the Thursday edition of the Morning Cruise. I so can’t believe that we so close to another weekend, but it has been a short week.

In today’s show we had all the usuals such as you’re Word of the Day, your SA Q&A, Information Guide, JobShop and you’re Quote of the Day.

We also had interviews with:

· Toshca Dick talking to us about her career as a paralegal practitioner. If you want to know more about becoming a career practitioner you can call the SA Law School on (021) 422 5610.

· We also spoke to Geraldine Young of the Mitchell’s Plain Crisis Centre talking to us about some of the services that they offer to the residents of Mitchell’s Plain and surrounding areas. You can contact the Mitchell’s Plain Crisis Centre on (021) 392 2000.

· Our last interview was with Rokia Shaik from the Centre Early for Childhood Development and she was talking to us about the importance of early childhood development. You can call the Centre Early for Childhood Development on (021) 683 2420.

Word of the Day:

SNEER –to speak or simile in a mocking manner

Trivial Question:

Q: What famous festival is taking place this weekend
A: The Cape Town International Jazz Festival

Quote of the Day:

Deepak Chopra – Life is a field of unlimited possibilities

It’s time for me to love and leave you. You must have an absolutely fabulous and super Thursday. Let’s chat again on tomorrow…Much Love…Peace…

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