Thursday, April 13, 2017

Unlimited--The Movement

Today we had the organizers from Unlimited--The Movement in the studio to talk about their movement. The goal of their movement is to empower everyday people through the transformative power of photography. As part of their art project, they will take your picture for you after having a conversation with you about what you want from the portrait.

Although the organization does not have an official headquarters, members of the project connect over social media and meet in new places each time. Although in the past, Unlimited: The Movement has concentrated on empowering women, their new initiative strives to empower and educate men, who constantly suffer from gang violence, hyper masculinity, and substance abuse stemming from unhealthy masculine expectations. "Men bleed, men cry, men are human too," said our guests, describing this new initiative. They also report positive feedback for the program, seeing that people need the change and the unique chance to share their storytelling through photos. To join the conversation or to learn more about their upcoming launch, you can contact them at:
F: Unlimited Creations

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