Friday, April 14, 2017

Today's guest: Bugile Matiwane talking about Moses Mabhida

Today, we had Bugile Matiwane, the Provincial Chairperson of the South African Students' Congress [SASCO] in to talk about some of our history's heroes.  Today, Mr. Matiwane talked about Moses Mabhida, one of the many unsung heroes who fought for our freedom today. Mabhida was an outstanding leader of humble origins who became a dominant figure in the trade union movement, the African National Congress (ANC), South African Congress of Trade Uninons (SACTU), uMkhonto we Sizwe (MK) Commissar and the Communist Party. He was important because he was a leader and symbol for many. He embraced a progressive position on race, and found balance in alliance. He beleived race was a conduit to divide the classes and wanted to be part of a non-racial organization. To him, struggle comes from a place of love, love for the people, love for the land, etc. And that was what made Mabhida such a hero, yet such an unsung one at that.

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