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Singer, songwriter, guitarist, professional photographer and sometimes a dancer....born and raised in Grassy Park, Cape Town, Katherine was always seen as the artistic type. If she wasnt humming a tune, she was writing a poem or attending her dance rehearsals. She has always had a creative flair for photography and writing, and this is where her love for photography and music stemmed from. She picked up a guitar in 2001 and never really put it down. 

Her skills developed over the years and now she writes and performs her own music (when she's not too busy being the photographer). She prides herself in her good work ethics, and her strong values for a positive life. She strives to make today better than yesterday, knowing that tomorrow will hold great opportunities. She always says, keep it simple and dont stop smiling!


 Katherine joins The Morning Cruise to share her latest philanthropic venture 'TH1RTY'.

On the eve of her 30th Birthday she decides not to spend her savings on the conventional blow out birthday bash, but to sponsor the highschool career of one young learner from a disadvantaged area.

The aim is to give what you can, and in the process provide a deserving child with an education that he or she may not have had access to before.

Katherine adds that the decision making process has been gut wrenching because all of the learners who have made it through to the final round are deserving, and after meeting with them in person she has bonded with each of them.

On the morning of 3 May, I contacted a few individuals for guidance. The seed was planted and now it grows beneath the soil to become a TREE of knowledge.Project TH1RTY started with me making a simple choice for 1 learner, but this is only the beginning. The initiative's mission is to DO ONE THING at a time, step by step make a difference in many young lives! 

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