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Devon Peterson

He is the young darts star carrying the hopes of a nation...

And Devon Petersen is determined that he won’t let South Africa down, as he embarks on a career that he hopes will bring success on the big darts stages around the world.

The young man from Cape Town has moved to the UK to live the dream and many in the ranks of the PDC are tipping the 24-year-old to become the best player to come out of Africa.

He was introduced to darts

by his father George

as a teenager and soon become an accomplished player, rocketing up the South African rankings and winning several junior competitions…not bad, when you consider he only started playing competitively when he was 17. But Petersen nearly quit the sport all together, when he qualified to represent South Africa in the World Cup, but it turned out that he was too young. For a while, he became disillusioned with darts and stopped playing. Nevertheless, his father and mother Lucille persuaded him to persevere and Petersen is starting to get the rewards for his hard work.

“My parents and my coach Russel Mains
believed in me and encouraged me
and I can never thank them enough”

It has certainly been a rollercoaster ride for young Devon Petersen, but he is enjoying every minute of the experience. His life changed completely in September 2010, when he won the South African Open in Johannesburg. His triumph guaranteed him a prized place at the World Championship and from the moment he stepped on the Ally Pally, Petersen knew that his darting destiny has been sealed!

  The Spartan

With a new nickname – The Spartan – and a new start with a new career in the top echelons of darts, the future certainly looks rosy for Petersen.

“It was a tough decision to leave home,
but I didn’t ever want to think
‘what if’ in the future”

the weapons of ‘The Power’!

Devon takes up the story:

“I was standing at the back of the arena, waiting to play my match against John Part. I remember being very nervous and I was chatting to Phil asking for advice on playing on the stage for the time. He was very kind and I felt great going up there to play John...I lost the match 4-1 to Part,” he continued. "But after the match, Phil opened his darts case and just gave me his darts" And the Phil Taylor Phase 5 darts have certainly done the trick for Petersen.

“I couldn’t believe it – Phil Taylor giving me HIS darts! Anyway, I cherish them and I have played with them ever since.”

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