Wednesday, August 15, 2012


BIGDRE AND NATASHA APRIL join The Morning Cruise to discuss the conception of the free online magazine WORD UP EZINE and the highly anticipated release of the eighth issue!Natasha explains 'WORD UP is a passion project' that combines the couple's love for Hiphop and graphic design, BigDre adds, it also provides a platform to showcase local talent.


Word Up issue #8 is here!

"In it we feature the work of the young film maker Nadine Cloete and food stylist Lisa Clark. The multi-talented Hlasko appears on our radar and the music of Capetonian Jazz pianist, Kyle Sheperd is featured.

AndrewSprawson gets the cover for the issue presenting ball-point illustrations of the city of Gauteng. We publish the long awaited Mingus article and get the 411 on Hip-hop Kaslam from its two founders.

Raiko tells us about his career as a DJ and event promoter, and the music icon, Bob Marley takes the spotlight in our More dusty than digital section."


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