Tuesday, March 08, 2011

International Women's Day had tons of great features on MC check it out


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Today’s Inspiration of the day
Put your plans on paper. Spell out your goals and ways to reach them.
Be specific. The advice you give yourself must be such that you can put it into practice.
Break the task down into small pieces so that you can handle them easily.
Establish checkpoints on your progress as well as rewards.
Remind yourself of the benefits you expect from your tasks completion.
Avoid temptations and circumstances that might sidetrack you.
Recognize your limitations. Don’t set unrealistic goals.
Take advantage of your own energy peaks!
Use negative motivation. Remind yourself of the consequences of inaction.
Keep a time-control budget. Don’t let one task take control over others.
Set deadlines and hold yourself to them.
Make an honest distinction between “I can’t” and “I don’t want to”.
Get started now. Don’t stall.
Improve your self-persuasion ability. Learn the difference between reasoning and rationalizing.
Be optimistic. Your chances for success will increase.
Decide how you want to start, what needs to be done first.
Read, especially literature related to your situation.
Use self-signaling devices – notes, signs, cues, reminders.
Promise yourself rewards.
Use the stimulation provided by good news to do extra work.
Recognize conflicts and make a choice.
Give yourself the right to make mistakes. No one is perfect.
Exercise your sense of humor. Laughter indicates a realistic point of view.

The Etafeni Day Care Centre Trust in Vryground Cape Town. The centre is currently offering a six week programme called Fit for Life/Fit for Work. Training include job and lifeskills and basic computer training. This programme best suits individuals between the ages of 17 and 30 years who are serious about bettering themselves. Interviews are held everyday at the Vryground Community Centre. For more details call Brenda on 084 448 6716 or 021 702 1428

Lastly we showcased one of the events happening in Cape Town for international Women’s Day.
The City of Cape Town’s 107 Public Emergency Communication Centre (PECC) hosted a safety awareness event to empower women.

The PECC delivered a presentation to women from the Saartjie Baartman Centre in Manenberg to create awareness about the City’s 107 Emergency Number. This number is extremely important and can be used for all emergencies that threaten life or property. The highly skilled 107 Communication Centre operators are able to assist callers in any of the Western Cape’s three official languages.
One of the partners in this initiative, the South African Police Services, delivered a talk on drug abuse, and Jonathan Jooste from the Chrysallis Youth Academy gave a demonstration on self-defence.

*We also received word from a source in Zimbabwe Bulawayo about a march of brave women who took to the streets. The march was in fact banned by cops and saw 30 women being arrest.

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