Thursday, March 10, 2011

Don't forget that homeless people are part of the country, part of us. It could be you...


Now Cape Town to curb nightclub noise
Nightclubs could soon see their sound equipment impounded if they don't heed warnings to turn the volume down, thanks to a proposed amendment to the
City of Cape Town's noise nuisance by-law.
Law enforcement officials have, until now, only been able to issue fines, which nightclub owners have been happy to pay, while the complaints continue to flood in week after week.

Today’s Inspiration of the day
26 Ways To Becoming A Super Healthy Personality!
1. Stay true to yourself.
2. Have total conviction in what you believe in.
3. Get healthy and stay healthy.
4. Focus your attention on those deserving of your time.
5. When giving yourself to a project give yourself completely.
6. Love your critics.
7. Spend quality time with your family.
8. Spend quality time with your closest friends.
9. Find new associates to enhance your career.
10. Listen to your soul mate ever so carefully.
11. Trust your intuition. Go with it.
12. Become spectacular in your work.
*for more:!&id=5968308

Denise Delcarme from the Dan-Ag Care Centre in Retreat. The Care Centre specifically deals with the homeless people of the community, providing them with homes (Wendy houses) which according to Delcarme instantaneously probes them to bettering their lives be it looking for work etc. Due to the lack of funds the care centre can only see to one person at a time. The centre is currently in need of nails, wood, building material and most importantly a vehicle. If you can help or if you’d like to find more contact Denise Delcarme 079 869 4319 or Agnes on 021 715 2631.

Lastly Carmen Andrews from the City of Cape Town’s Displaced Unit joined us to discuss the units fight against homelessness. We discussed some of the common reasons people are homeless, besides some being born on the streets mostly it’s found that people run to the streets because of family difficulties. It ranges from abuse to abandonment.

Since 2006, the City has worked diligently to develop programmes and provide assistance to people living on the street, including deployment of outreach workers onto the streets, sheltered employment to assist people in getting back on their feet, support to secure a place in a shelter and, thereafter, second phase accommodation.

This week, the City of Cape Town’s Displaced Peoples Unit (DPU) was able to re-integrate a woman who has spent most of her life on the streets of Cape Town.

Susan Benette has been living out of an industrial plastic bag on the sidewalk of Main Road in Claremont for the last 25 years. The DPU has tried to assist Benette in the past, during numerous operations, but she was never willing to accept their assistance.This week she decided to accept their offers to facilitate her transition off the streets and is currently residing in the Kensington Haven Night Shelter. On Wednesday, 02 March the DPU carried out an integrated operation with the South African Police Services, a Claremont City Improvement District social field-worker and the Kensington Haven Night Shelter in order to relocate Benette.

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