Friday, March 12, 2010

Local pride Tanswill Nero joined me today as well as cast members of South African pop theatre play 'done london' check it out

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1a. Easily nauseated or sickened.
b. Nauseated.
2. Easily shocked or disgusted.
3. Excessively fastidious or scrupulous.
EG. We humans have a tendency to be squeamish at the sight of blood or injury.

The year and a day rule was an English legal principle holding that a death could not be deemed murder—or any other form of homicide—if it occurred more than a year and one day after the act that was allegedly its cause. Though it became enshrined in common law, the rule was finally abolished in 1996. Now, if an act can be proved to have caused a death, it can constitute murder regardless of how much time has passed. ALSO DID YOU KNOW According to a new government report, more 12-year-olds in the US get high by sniffing inhalants than by using marijuana, cocaine, or hallucinogens combined?

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How to Become Content With What You Have
In this world of greed and keeping up with your friends, it can be hard to be happy with what you have. So, take a closer look and discover just how lucky you really are...
Be thankful for the basics. Food, shelter, family, friends, a job are all that's truly needed. You may have all of these things, but still feel deprived, because you're missing that Ipod, latest cell phone, mansion.
Look at what you do have. Realize there are many people who lack basic needs. Make a list of all the things past and present in your life to reassure that you are truly blessed.
Read the newspapers. The plight of others will give proper perspective to the wealth in your life.
Volunteer! Go to an animal shelter, homeless shelter, conservation park or hospital. Give your money, time or goods to others in need. A new outlook will slowly emerge as you realize you were never missing anything after all.

Capetonian songwriter, producer, lead guitarist; Tanswill Nero. Tanswill joined me in studio to discuss his solo career as well as his sample album called ‘Life of Love’. Tanswill started writing songs and music at the age of sixteen. He was part of a local group/band Afrocentric as well entered a prestigious song writing competition hosted my South Africa’s Huis Genoot. Tanswill got to showcase his skills as well have SA’s RNB sensation Loyiso Bala be lead vocals to his song.

Lastly I was joined by Roxanne Blaise and Ruben Engel cast members of a proudly South African Theatre production, ‘done London’. The ‘pop theatre’ production ‘done London’ is directed by Francesco Nassimbeni and writing by Roxanne Blaise and Steven Pillemer. The play is a romantic comedy about a young group of South Africans who are living in London on a working visa and find out when there that life is not always greener on the other side as well as just their everyday life there. It’s being showcased at the Intimate Theatre tonight at 8pm until Saturday 13th March (excluding Monday 8th March). Tickets – R70; Students – R50; Block booking of 10 or more – R50. For more info contact Roxanne 082 33 99 131

French Proverb
No one became poor by giving alms.
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