Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Liverpool Portlands fc – A Football based NPO from Mitchells Plain

Jason Oostendorp and Hein Matthys joined us in studio to discuss the history and current situations surrounding the footballing team from Mitchells Plain. Starting in 1978, the team Liverpool fc then amalgamated with Portlands fc to create the club Liverpool Portlands fc. Reaching the status even of playing against club giants Kaizer Chief in the 90’s.   

Jason then continued to give a brief history lesson on the team and the variety of age divisions in the Liverpool team. Losing their status over the years of competing against the big dogs in the superior leagues, he also added that they are currently building up their respect again within the community to reach past heights. “We don’t stop players from leaving, as long as they are still playing football because that is the way to go”, he added.

Hein Matthys said, “Currently we are working on a project, with Portlands Primary, for an astro turf (artificial grass pitch) of our own which costs around R9million.” Funding is the main issue that has been setting the project back and not allowing the team to move forward with plans of finishing the turf in the near future. Different aspects such as the levelling the ground, JOJO tanks that have to be installed and maintenance of the turf, all portray expensive problems that Hein and Jason are faced with. Engaging with many shareholders, Jason and Hein struggle to find funding and the proper doors open to them and the project.

Due to the drought, football in and Cape Town have been on a bit of a slow pace this year, but has not stopped the behind the scenes work from the exco (division within the team that runs their daily duties) of Liverpool and other members. Future plans for the team include getting services providers and different sponsors to seek funding for the turf, engaging with their fundraising committee to have more events as they have been having for the past 2 years, ensuring the involvement of the community as well.

If anyone is interested in contacting or sponsoring a fee to the NPO, browse online and enter Liverpool Portlands fc on Facebook, also kindly call Jason Oostendorp on 082 381 3541. Alternatively, you can contact their secretary on 083 260 8842.

Presenter: Mkhuseli Khusi Veto

Producers: Tyler Layman, Michaela Muller

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