Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Youth Redemption

Youth Redemption is a youth company/movement dedicated at changing the mindset of young people all over South Africa (Youth Between the ages of 16 - 24) in order for them to make positive life choices concerning their future.

Youth Redemption is also set on assisting the less fortunate and those in need by having regular community projects. Namely the Kick Game Grind (collecting donated and new shoes to hand out to the less fortunate/those in need) as well as our Fresher Than You Project (collecting toiletries and handing them out to the less fortunate or those in need).

The Organization Started in 2014 but it was Registered in 2016 December they have been collecting Sneakers to help the under privileged youth last year they collected 2500 shoes to give to those in need the sneakers are donated through different platforms through kick and grind initiative Charlton & Dylan are the Founders of Youth Redemption their families are so supportive with their dream of helping those in need.

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