Friday, September 23, 2011

September Highlights

We introduced and showcased NICRO'S Intimate Partner Violence Programme. For details on NICRO's work visit The programme is all about rehabilitating the perpetrator's and their families. We were joined by a couple who has gone through the programme and wanted to share their story.

The couple who wanted to remain anonymous gave us the details into their once horrifying life filled with abuse, alcoholism, pain, confusion and ultimately isolation from the world.

The abuser explained that he realised he was simply a product of his world/society. He explained that in his home as a child he witnessed he's mother being abused and in their community it was a usual occurance, therefore, it was cultivated in him as normal behaviour, as what the "ruler" of the home is entitled to.

The wife who no longer could live with the constant abuse and pain decided to take out an interdict on her husband and this is how the couple was introduced to NICRO's programme. The programme showed them what they doing wrong, where the abuse stems from, how it affects their children., how to communicate properly with one another and how to change their life around.

The couple today is very proud of their life what they've gone through as a couple and where they are going.

Before we ended the interview I wanted to hear from the wife, why she stayed around for so long. She then explain that she made a vow to her husband to stay with him through thick and thin and as much as she resented him for the longest time she continued to believe that change would come.

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