Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Eli Gold-The Designer

Eli Gold The Designer

Eli Gold is a young creative person who considers himself to be more than just a fashion designer. Gold is also an interior designer, he does wall installations and is also a fashion designer.

Eli Gold is from Rwanda. He started designing 8 years ago. His name Eli means ‘God is above everything’. He moved from Rwanda and started designing in Cape Town. He is currently working on a collection which that is inspired by his home country.

One of the designs that he has is called ‘Flying Flower’ and it is inspired by the story of how the caterpillar turns into a butterfly. This collection is also inspired by his own personal life journey.

Gold does everything by himself from all the designing to the physical fabric dying. His family also has a bit of design and fashion history with his grandfather being a tailor.
Zoe, Khusi, Eli and Rochelle

His fashion style is unisex so it appeals to both genders. The clothing items can be layered for the winter season due to the light material that is perfect for the summer. His work is available to purchase in some stores and markets around Cape Town and at the moment he is trying to establish his own working space.
Gold relies mostly on online purchases, and the few stalls around Cape Town. People also reach out to purchase items from him through his social media platforms.

There is a symbol of the shield on all his clothing items and this shield is supposed to represent brotherhood. ‘Masa Mara’ is the name of his website and it is a Rwandan proverb, which means ‘they came empty handed’.
Gold has received many invites from overseas to fashion weeks for him to showcase his work but he was unable to attend one of them so he was only able to send the clothes overseas.

His words of inspiration are that people should keep supporting the young African designer and creative.

He is available on:
Facebook: Masa Mara
Instagram: @Masa­_ Mara.

Presenter: Khusi Veto
Producers: Rochelle Fisher and Zoe Setti

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