Thursday, December 24, 2020

Getting to know Lulama Ntisa

The young, yet established brand, Futureline, designed by Langa's very own designer, Lulama Ntisa, is scaling up by welcoming an additional branch that involves entertainment.

Realizing the need for a platform for local artists and entrepreneurs to showcase their brilliance and to be noticed, Futureline Entertainment came to light.

Friday, October 30, 2020

Le-lo Thee Illest releases new single ''Cape Flats''

Lorenzo ‘’Le-Lo Thee Illest’’ Samuels has been involved in the music industry since Grade 10 at Lentegeur High school in Mitchells Plain. At the age of 15, he started with a group called “Xoduz” where he started writing his own rhymes where he started as a hype man and began to adopt flows and learnt a lot from other artists. 

He then became infatuated with growing the music industry and now owns his own label called Orion – The Rising StarThe entertainment agency is set to release a development programme, in aid of helping young aspiring artists in all forms and walks of life to bring them to greater heights, offering several programs and making sure they reach their desired goals and destinations.

His latest single, ‘’Cape Flats’’ speaks about the daily struggles of what we have to face on a daily basis, such as gender-based violence, drug and alcohol abuse, gangsterism, etc.

PICTURED: Bush Radio's Jasnine Roberts with                                      Le-lo The Illest

Friday, October 23, 2020

Max-Hoba is a South African Afro-Soul World Music Artist, born and raised in the Free state, Welkom. He started off as a Hip-Hop vocalist but is currently doing his things as an Afro-Soul singer.

With regards to his new album that was released on the 27th July 2020 called “Beyele” (The Journey Continues) he decided to base it around the things that influenced him as a child. Most of the songs in this albums are influenced by his upbringing, Music and just in his community.


Max-Hoba says his initial plan was to release his album in March 2020 but what contemplating on if he should release it now or wait until this whole Covid-19 pandemic passes by, but couldn’t wait any longer and released it in July. He also saying that people we living in a digital world, he thought it was best to release it as soon as possible.

He believes as a creative person, says that this Covid-19 pandemic has given him the opportunity to exercise doing things differently. He just recently did a virtual show but had a limited number of people that could tune in. Max-Hoba also says he still get the same energy from the audience as he would do in an actual live performance and he is somebody that depends a lot on exchanging energy with the audience.


Max-Hoba tries to keep his music as authentic Southern African sound, so he features with multiple artist from the North, South, East and Western parts of Africa.

You can find Max-Hoba’s album on every single digital platform you can just Google “Max-Hoba - Beyele”

You can find Max-Hoba on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @Max_Hoba

Presenter: Mkhuseli "Khusi" Veto
Producer: Clayton Daniels & Renato van Schalkwyk

Friday, October 09, 2020

Marcelle du Plessis the Fundraising and Communications Manager for Mdzananda Animal Clinic

We were speaking to Marcelle du Plessis the Fundraising and Communications Manager for Mdzananda Animal Clinic she mentioned that she thought during the lockdown they would be expecting a lot of stray animals to be brought in because people lost their jobs and not everyone will be able to maintain their pets, but people had more time to spend with their animals.

The covid-19 pandemic is hard on them they lost nearly R200 000 every three weeks they had a lot more expenses due to things becoming more expensive and now their clinic is packed full so they have a lot of animals that need help and they do not have enough hands to deal with all of the animals and what they’ve also experienced is that the economic impact on the public they had many many monthly donors who had debut orders set up and they were donating R100, R50 and whatever they could afford a month and unfortunately people had to start cancelling those debut orders so its most definitely having an effect on them.

 Marcelle mentioned that the government doesn’t support animal welfare they mainly support humanitarian organizations which is understandable cause we have a lot of human struggles as well, the support that the government gives on a local level is that once a year they’ll respond to a sterilization campaign they help to get the animals sterilized to help with overpopulation but they as an organization cannot apply for funding by the government what they doing right now is they’re reaching out to the public, they’ve just launched a campaign which is called PAW MEMBERS so you can become a PAW MEMBER and this means that you will donate a monthly amount that is R20, R50 or R100 whatever you feel that you can donate and then you become a member and this means you get a certificate and a birthday card. 

The Paw members are the blood flow of their organization helping them monthly to carry on moving and this specific campaign currently is that they hope to find  at least 1 000 PAW MEMBERS each donating R100 a month and if they can achieve that then their finances will be stabled and will be set for a good amount of time in the future.

Presenter: Mkhuseli "Khusi" Veto

 Producer: Renato van Schalkwyk & Clayton Daniels 

Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Tinashe T Njanji the Coordinator for PHM-SA (the People's Health Movement South Africa) “the People’s Health Movement notes with deep concern the political, economic and social crisis.”


The People's Health Movement South Africa


Tinashe T Njanji the Coordinator for PHM-SA (the People's Health Movement South Africa) “the People’s Health Movement notes with deep concern the political, economic and social crisis.

Tinashe pointed out that they still in difficult times due to the corona virus pandemic and there’s a lot of focus on the virus where there are still other diseases that are still out there and the focus are all on the corona virus and the other diseases being neglected.

As an organisation they’ve hosted a lot of discussions Virtually as they are not allowed to have meetings in person due to covid-19 regulations.

  Tinashe says it would be nice to have a 24hour clinic but South Africa lack the man power because if we open clinics 24hrs now then the country would be like shooting themselves in the foot as they do not have enough resources to maintain that kind of work.

Tinashe also had a e message for the President of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa saying If the president was in front of him he would say our communities are in need of more community health care workers, because our community health care workers are doing multiple jobs at once they save a lot of lives while saving a lot of money the country also health care workers that can go door to door but for now the workers who are doing that kind of job they do it all on foot they go up hills and cross river in rural communities some get attacked by wildlife or criminals.

These workers need to be equipped and recognized for the brave work they doing for the community the first step would be having decent salary, better working conditions and most importantly Tinashe wants most of these workers must be permanently employed and Africa needs a health system that caters for the poor.

If you want to read more about The People's Health Movement South Africa (PHM-SA) you can find them on:


Presenter- Mkhuseli "Khusi" Veto

Producer- Clayton Daniels & Renato van Schalkwyk 

Matthew Sylvester also known as M.A.T.T is a song writer and Music Producer based in Cape Town, South Africa at Retreat.

 Matthew Sylvester also known as M.A.T.T is a song writer and Music Producer based in Cape Town, South Africa at Retreat.

M.A.T.T got introduced to music at a very young age, his father was a DJ back in his younger days, which influenced him tremendously. He was surrounded by different types of Music and by the age of 12yrs, he started to write his own music then when he was age 17yrs he had his first live performance. That’s when he made up his mind that this is what he would want to do.

Matthew Sylvester also known as M.A.T.T 

M.A.T.T get respect from his local community in Retreat but says his main audience is Worldwide and has fans in 69 Countries.

Matthew does Music as a full time job and this is his only focus at the moment.

In the past 2 months when Covid-19 Lockdown started, he released 3 songs already that reached over 200 000 streams for all three, the Pandemic was as an Advantage for him to get more listeners worldwide.

The concept behind his song “Grateful” got it when he travelled to Los Angeles and was very grateful for that opportunity, because It reminded him that you can do whatever you want to do as long as you can keep being persistent.

Regarding the second song that we played on the show “Expensive Taste” was inspired by him walking in the streets of New York and seeing a beautiful lady along the sidewalk and thought, “Expensive Taste”

Matthew Sylvester also known as M.A.T.T

His EP (Extended play) will be released at the end of October 2020 which is called the “Good and the Bad” consisting of multiple songs.

M.A.T.T says he is grateful for the people around him that keeps on supporting his career through the up’s and down’s and making sure that he keeps going.

You can Follow Matthew Sylvester on Instagram and Facebook @M.A.T.T_Music or contact him via email which is

You can also find his songs on Sound Cloud and YouTube @M.A.T.T


Sound Cloud - 

YouTube -


Presenter: Mkhuseli Veto

Producer: Clayton Daniels & Renato van Schalkwyk

Tuesday, October 06, 2020

Siseko also known as Skidy, is an up and coming Hip-Hop Artist situated in Cape Town, South Africa

Siseko also known as Skidy, is an up and coming Hip-Hop Artist situated in Cape Town, South Africa in a Township called Khayelitsha.

In 2019 he started a music career for himself but was has started writing his song lyrics all the way back in 2009. He believes with his Music career he is moving into the right direction.

In 2009 he and his friends started saving money so that they could buy themselves equipment to produce music, and when they got all the things they needed few years later, he says they had no knowledge about recording music but have learnt overtime.   

Skidy says is family is very supportive of his music career and always keeps in contact with them no matter the distance. At first they were very surprised because they didn’t know that he was into music.

He is also planning of releasing an album early 2021 and will proceed doing live gigs. The music he creates is mainly trying to tell a story with in it.

Bush Radio 89.5fm is the first Radio Station to play Skidy’s song called “Shoot” and “Do you Remember” on the show called The Morning Cruise.

Follow Skidy on Facebook and Instagram @SisekoFabianer and his Music is found on Spotify and ITunes

Monday, October 05, 2020

Bhabhisana Baby Project is celebrated 5 years in 2020 since its establishment in 2015


Bhabhisana Baby Project is celebrated 5 years in 2020 since its establishment in 2015 speaking to Ms Faizah Toefy one of the co-founders of the Bhabhisana Baby Project. The project consists of “highly skilled therapists who recognised the need to help babies who come from underserved communities with early intervention during the critical 1 000-day period.

In 2015 the physiotherapist, occupational therapist, and a speech and language therapist they were all working at the health sector before the establishment of the project. That’s when they saw the long waiting list at the hospital because there was high demand for therapy and people were waiting long for it, Ms Toefy and her team felt babies were missing out on the critical time, the world-wide research was showing stimulation on the first 1000 days of the baby’s life’s give them the best possible chance of developing the brain, so they wanted to zone in on that first critical period on the first 1000 days of life. So they decided they will start this NPO and they will treat babies while the parents are waiting for the appointments at the state hospital they will give them that therapy so they don’t miss out on the critical time. During the Announcement of covid-19 and when the lockdown rules where announced the bhabhisana project was worried they won’t be able to see the babies because they used to touch and hug them that’s how they work they will miss out on this time. Since most of their patients travel by public transport and the babies are small and also had some issues at the hospital which is why they needed therapy and they couldn’t let them travel by public transport and put them at risk. So they started using social media like WhatsApp from Video calls and sending videos to parents on how to do the sessions with the babies. All the parents who usual come to Bhabhisana had to have WhatsApp those couldn’t have access to WhatsApp had to use neighbours phone or family members phone so everybody can have access to WhatsApp. Bhabhisana Project was sending training videos via whatsapp the parents were also sending back videos on how the babies are doing, to show if they following properly the training video’s the organisation is sending them. Then the therapist would analyse these videos and work out what the babies need the NPO also provided some internet data for parents who can’t afford it since they raised money for data cost and they managed to stay fully in contact with the parents.


On the 5th October 2020 Monday was the first day they saw their first baby since March 2020 when Lockdown started. The NPO offices are at 179 Belgravia Road, Athlone, 7780, Cape Town, South Africa its easily accessible with the public transport for the community’s like Mitchellsplain, Langa, Nyanga, Gugulethu, Meneberg almost all the cape flats communities. They also started a Satellite clinic at Hout-bay so that parents don’t travel so far; they also have different connections from clinics to day hospital’s in different community’s. The hospitals where babies are born the organisation has a relationship with doctors to do follow ups for babies who had difficulty when born then they refer them to the NPO since they would be identified as a high risk baby. The process would be to work with the parent, on what is the problem with the baby until they identify the problem. Bhabhisana also provide training to the baby clinics for nurses the need for therapy for baby’s is getting worse that’s why the NPO started the satellite clinic, now during the Covid 19 pandemic the therapist who are based at the hospital are helping out for the covid -19 pandemic which makes it vulnerable for those parents who need the therapist for their babies.

The organisation is in need for money so they can keep the project going.


·         The Contact details for the Organisation its:
+27 82 924 2965


 Presenter: Mkuseli Khusi Veto

Producers: Clayton Daniels & Renato Van Schalkwyk

Theatre Arts is a small independence theatre space in observatory Cape Town South Africa, the space is being used by a lot of artists


Theatre Arts is a small independence theatre space in observatory Cape Town South Africa, the space is being used by a lot of artists, the theatre arts started in 2009 they based in the Methodist church in observatory, they had to close doors due to the Corona Virus Pandemic in March 2020. They reopened in June 2020 under strict protocol.

 Caroline Calburn is the director at Theatre Arts, she mentioned that things are different due to covid-19 because cleaning is a bit pricey, they used to clean twice a week and now they found themselves doing it every 3 hours every day, a lot has changed they have to work with a lot more awareness they are not a space that can allow a huge amount of people they could only allow maximum 17 people and that’s before the pandemic restrictions.

For them its more about the audience to view the performances and a job opportunity for the artists, the artist has been out of work since lockdown started in march, the amount of money made in June was a lot more than a food parcel, things are getting better more people are coming in and the audience is growing.

Caroline thinks live theatre is the safest because a live performance is roughly 15 minutes and she feels it’s better than being in the cinema for about 2 hours in a closed off area during the theatre performance on a break you can go outside and enjoy the fresh air and while away someone is cleaning and sanitising so when you get back into the area things are sanitised and ventilated, it’s about keeping the audience in a safe and clean environment, The audience loves the clean environment, It was very emotional for the cast to be back on stage doing live performances.

They didn’t want to create a season that is 1 or 2 shows but it’s difficult being interactive during these covid-19 times. Theatre Arts is an Experimental space for Artist especially in Cape Town even though artists from other provinces come and showcase their skills.

The shows that would be showcased from 10th October 2020 until 5th December 2020


The series starts on 10 October with Craig Leo and Robin Kirsten’s NOTHING IS HERE featuring Unmute Dance Company and Ukwanda Puppets and Design Art Collective.  From 14 to 18 October, RafĂ©Greenpresents MODORENAI.  This is followed with CWAKA from 22 October, directed by Qondiswa James and developed in collaboration with a stellar creative team. Shirley-Anne Bezuidenhout presents SYNDESI from 11 to 14 November, with Megan Furniss and Louise Westerhout rounding off the series with MURMURATIONS from 2 to 5 December. 

Tickets to all performances cost R100 and can be purchased at


 Presenter: Mkuseli Khusi Veto

Producers: Clayton Daniels & Renato Van Schalkwyk



Odwa Mbira also known as E.M.O.W, is an up and coming artist based in Cape Town, South Africa from the Township called KTC in Nyanga

Odwa Mbira also known as E.M.O.W, is an up and coming artist based in Cape Town, South Africa from the Township called KTC in Nyanga.

The genre of music EMOW does is Hip-Hop, his music is motivational to whoever listens to it. He also mentions the word “Activision” where he also states his music is there for people to act towards their vision in life. Started doing music since 2006 started with Kwaito music.

Odwa Mbira also known as E.M.O.W,

He always adds his traditional flavor into his music, just so that he doesn’t lose his identity. Ever since he started his music career, he got some very good responses from the community even though Nyanga is one of the dangerous Township in South Africa where he grew up and it hurts him seeing people dying but despite all those Challenges which is why he tries to motivate children to get out of that situation. Because “the more you speak positive things, it’s more likely to happen.”

The Covid-19 Lockdown has affected him in a positive way. He used this time to find himself by putting more effort on writing songs. That made him more confident about his work and passionate, he doesn’t let anyone bring him down. Even if somebody doesn’t like his songs there is always somebody that would listen and appreciate his music. E.M.O.W is not a Signed Artist but work with other artist’s in the Industry.

E.M.O.W’s new EP (Extended Play) would be released soon, which goes by the title “In No Mood to be a Slave” on the Show we Played his Latest Single called Idlozi (Ancestor) (which will be released on the 15th October 2020 Thursday) and Bush Radio 89.5fm is the first station to play his song on the show called The Morning Cruise.

You can find him on Facebook and Instagram @EMOWZA.

Presenter: Mkuseli Khusi Veto

Producers: Clayton Daniels & Renato Van Schalkwyk