Thursday, November 24, 2022

Khoi language week




The Annual International KhoikKhoi Nation Language week 2022 seeks to celebrate and awake a First language of Southern Africa. The words of Sarah Baartman, Krotoa, David Stuurman and Doman.


In light of this, the Morning cruise show was joined via telephone by Denver. One of the founders and a Khoi speaking individual himself. His positive energy spread right through the call and opened up the ears of many listeners regarding his involvement with one of the first indigenous languages.


This year’s theme is U-KHAI TE, ‘lift me up’.  KHOIKHOI language week is a whole week dedicated to celebrating KHOIKHOI by incorporating her more into our everyday lives. Denver started off by saying that a lot of the work they do today is to challenge a lot of the colonial trauma that has happened and is still happening today within the coloured community. He continued and said that personally everyone is allowed to claim their own name and identity and that is something that he felt was stripped from people.


Khoi identity means “people” and that connects them to a heritage. Going into depth, Denver said that in 1852 when Jan van Riebiek wnted to erase the language from “everyone’s toungues”. When they wanted to erase peoples language was really just removing peoples voice and also identity. By taking away the old-first language, the colonisers rook away peoples land and took away their opinions.


Reconnecting with Khusi, they continued their conversation by heading into what the khoi nation language is about, Denver responded by saying it was really a celebration of Khoi language. It is just a project to highlight where most of the languages we use today has come from. Sadly over 300 years a lot was removed from the original language but there are still people that remembers these words and it’s important for people to corporate this few words in schools.

 Denver mentioned that after 1994 that the government was under a lot pressure in deciding whether or not to incorporate and make it an official language. Sadly the government did not want to open themselves up to the hurt and genocide that has happened over the past years. He also says that many people should learn and feel that they have learnt part of the struggle.


If anyone wants to join they can contact him on 0813542915 or email him on

Presenter: Mkhuseli Khusi Veto
Producer: Jamie-lee Fredericks

Tuesday, November 22, 2022





Morning cruise was joined by Mervyn Takudzwa Mupotaringa better known as Deezo2daworld. Mervyn, who had previously been at out radio station was not shy to speak.


The minute he saw our presenter Khusi, he did not hesitate to greet him and get things started. He immediately started by giving a shout out to his producer. Mervyn said his love for music started all the way back in church and the brothers that sang. He took all that with him when he moved to Cape Town and that is where discovered his love for SA hip hop.


He went on to mention that a good friend of his has a connection to a recording studio and created his first song called Umaphurisha. Unfortunately Life happened and he had to move to Johannesburg but got back in touch with it when he started a group and finished his studies.


He mentioned to Khusi that he does know a lot of Zimbabwean artists. He also quoted from the iconic Black Coffee and said that Music is a universal language. Deezo also said that while he was on high school and everyone else was applying to UWC or UCT, he already knew what he wanted to do and that was to go to Boston Media House.


Mervyn said the last time he was on radio, he was the one interviewing people and also that is what taught him to be versertille especially because he met a lot of people in the industry. He said it’s good to make yourself versertille in order to grow. Khusi also asked how long he was living in Cape Town and he responded by saying since 2011.


Its all about the dope” is the mixtape that he has. He also said that he will be having an event this weekend and it’s going to be exciting.  You can catch him on all social media platforms on Mervyn Dope.

Presenter: Mhuseli Khusi Veto

Producer: Jamie-lee Fredericks

Friday, November 18, 2022

"LXY" Entertainment




Morning Cruise started the morning off with the energetic crew known as “Legacy”. Khusi started the show off by asking where the group was from, they replied that they were from Valhalla Park. Koolio Klein, who was speaking said that although in the past the area was not one to be proud of but now it’s a peaceful environment.


The members of the of the crew were; Dj Nathaniel, Dimples, Koolio Klein, Dope boy and Rebel Cpt. Koolio mentioned that the plans in the pipeline right now is a mixtape. He also mentioned that it’s the reason why they have been releasing so many singles. Due to high demand of his type of music, the crew has been active a lot on social media especially Tiktok and Facebook.


Going futher, Koolio shared that his been getting a lot of response and interaction from all races when it comes to his music his grateful that there are people who are listening to his type of music.

 Breaking it down, “Dimples” shared that his wife was the one who inspired him and that’s what led him to Koolio and later spread to Dope boy. “Dopeboy”, mentioned that music started when he was on high school and any feelings he had, he wrote down. “Rebel Cpt” started music when he was in hospital and when he was on his last moments of life, he turned to music and is now a producer and Dj. “DJ Nathaniel’s” career started when he danced and had a love for Micheal Jackson.


Khusi played one of their Qgom tracks titled “Heeltyd Single”. One of the cre mentioned that on the 16th of December they will be performing in Valhalla Park on the ramp for those who know it. It will be a family fun day.


The next step for Legacy is shooting music videos and creating clothing. Koolio mentioned that they would like to do more shows in future and that they have an album and EP on the way. The plans for 2023 is to expand their music in any way but they do have the growing support of their community. If anyone wants to get a hold of them on facebook @Lxyentertainment.

Producer; Jamie-lee Fredericks
Presenter: Mkuseli Khusi Veto

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Kids-Can Cancer Foundation


Kids-Can Cancer Foundation


Morning Cruise had the opportunity to speak to the founder of the Kids-can Cancer foundation, Kaashief Lakey. Mr Lakey will be hosting an event on 03 December 2022.


Kaashief was interviews by our Morning Cruise presenter, Khusi, where he started it off by asking when Lakey first started the foundation. He replied by saying that it all started with himself many years ago. He opened up and shared that he also had cancer at the age of 21, where he developed a gland on his neck that he found out was cancerous. He further went on to mention that he wanted to get involved with the families that go through the same thing with their kids.


Lakey mentioned that the past two years has not been easy and that they needed to use his own platform to get the word out there but they have been fortunate to have received great sponsorships so far.


He shared that being at the peak of where he wants to be with the foundation comes with difficulties and it’s a rollercoaster of emotions, he also said that there were times he has needed to remove himself from social media because the stories of children and sharing them in its truest form was very important for him.


Some of the main objectives that the organisation has started off by just creating platforms and also mentioned that it was all about connecting people other like-minded people. Kaashief has also made partnerships with other aspiring minds that he is grateful for. The event will be taking place at 54 Milton road in Goodwood, where they will have car shows, soccer tournaments and also lots of venders from 9am till 8pm.

Before ending off the interview, Kaashief has asked for anyone to go and visit the hospital and see the children and anyone can join or contact him on 0833529842.

Producer: Jamie-lee Fredericks
Presenter: Mkhuseli Khusi Veto

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Lisa Raleigh




On our telephone line we were joined by Lisa Raleigh, she is a certified personal trainer, nutrition coach and life coach with a passion for wellness.

Some of her key focus areas include digestion issues, gut health, stress management, improved strength and fitness, obesity management and demonstrating how easy it can be to live a balanced, healthy life through sustainable change.


Lisa shared with us more insight about what she does and shared some health tips as well. She mentioned in the beginning of the interview that it’s important to take care of your body. She said that it was important for people to stay disease free and healthy for the future. Health for her is about having a life right now and having energy to do things that you love to do. She also mentioned that when you are happy, that is when you have energy.


Lisa shared that Bounti has been around for a long time, before Covid she released some good health programs for families to be able to avoid. She also mentioned that during winter last year they held free classes for everyone and that was her way giving back towards everyone and she continued classes due to not being able to stop.


Raleigh mentioned that for those people at home who cannot afford gym or internet can start small at home by using household items and that it essentially starts at home and starts by small movements. She encourages any opportunity for movement even if you’re heading to the shops.


Lisa said that Covid really has benefitted her business. During the lockdown it made a lot more people able to gym or exercise with a rebounder in between working from home. She also mentioned that so many people are still buying rebounders and that it’s amazing especially for women after pregnancy.


For her last words of motivation she mentioned her quote that she lives by which is “nothing feels as good as feeling good feels”.

Producer : Jamie-lee fredericks
Presenter: Mkhuseli Khusi Veto

Monday, November 14, 2022

Adoozy Power Bank Rental Network


Mathabo Sekhonyana


Morning cruise was excited to welcome Mathabo and her brilliant mind as well as having her speak about her mobile charging stations around Cape Town named Adoozy.


If you haven’t heard of Adoozy , you certainly will now, Adoozy has mobile charging stations situated around Cape Town so that people can rent power banks on the go and keep them for 24 hours. There is nothing worse than running out of phone power, so a fully charge phone while you are out and about is exactly what is needed.


Our very own presenter, Khusi, had the honour of having Mathabo in studio just before she was back off to Johannesburg. She was kind enough to speak more about the service she provides.  This is when she mentioned that her visit to Cape Town was based round finding new locations for her rental business. She also mentioned that the power banks are secured and that they can actually keep track of who has it and it also needs to be charged.


Mathabo mentioned that Adoozy is very convenient, especially heading into festive season, she also mentioned that a lot of people has found it effective, the growth has really been in action is Johannesburg as well as Durban. Adoozy is alos now available in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg airports.

According to the research, Adoozy power bank rental network has been helping women from all over in the safety aspect especially when they need to uber or get home safely. Mathabo mentioned that the future plans for her is to expand the rental network and hopefully help places and communities where power isn’t available. She also mentioned that she’s really happy that they could have achieved the launch within this year.


If anyone wants to check them out they are @Adoozylifestyle on all social media platforms and their website is


Before we let Mathabo go, she mentioned that for the 16 days of empowerment they have partnered up with Women Empowered to provide tips and tricks to help women in any situation.

Producer: Jamie-lee Fredericks
Presenter: Mkhuseli Khusi Veto

Friday, November 11, 2022

Advance Edukos Foundation




Morning cruise was joined in studio today by the founder of the Advance Edukos Foundation, Wendy Abrahams to speak more about her foundation based in strandfontuin.


Advance edukos is a non-profit organization creating purposeful pathways for the youth. Through quality and well-structured after school programmes, their target is grade 4 to 12 learners from strandfontuin, michell’s plain and surrounding areas. They gladly partner with other organisations to ensure that they offer a variety of activities that best support the youth.


They envision a world where all young people are inspired and equipped to realize their full potential and aspire to be the best version of themselves.


Our morning cruise presenter ‘Khusi’, started the interview off by asking Wendy how it all started in which she responded that she is a teacher by profession and started helping some learners during Covid where she thought it was a time of tough challenges for individuals. She also mentioned that she does have an incredible team helping her and that the name Advance Edukos is purposeful because of the pathways they create.


She also shared some of the programmes they have and started off by mentioning that they have a program for 15 to 24 year-olds where they are taught job skills. She as an afterschool program as well where they do coding and planning for the future fourth or fifth industrial revolution. Wendy mentioned that she does work with 3 counsellers and work very closely with places like the YMCA, hands and feet and also local community churches and libraries.


Wendy also mentioned that at the foundation they do not want to ‘TAKEOVER’ the parent roll, but rather work alongside the parents on getting their permission to help their children. She also thinks it’s important for people to know that circumstances does not define where you come from. She also encourages parents to let their children join her program or anyone to get involved by contacting her on 0781413183 or email

Producer: Jamie-lee Fredericks
Presenter: Mkhuseli Khusi Veto