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Captain Blu is Sailing His Own Ship Toward Music Stardom

From the streets of Lagos to the ears of South Africans, Captain Blu is an up and coming artist who keeps growing his platform through genre-defying sounds and upbeat lyricism. 

In a big year for the rising musician, he released his 2018 breakthrough single, “ZANGA,” which landed on the various top spots. Blu began recording in his bedroom at the age of 16, and his big breakthrough started with the release of his Luxury Blu EP. The song became a viral hit and propelled the Afro-pop Artist into the mainstream.

He joined The Morning Cruise last week to share more about his style and he said his roots in the church, along with his parent's love of classical music can still be heard in the music Blu makes today.

"I think about love, and togetherness and happiness," Blu said. "I want my music to be positive always."

That messaging is present in songs like "Surely Surely," which is a song with a clear message: whatever will be, will be. Blu shows that everyone goes through struggles, but the work put into their respective hustles yields results.  

Blu said he gathers influence from all styles of music ranging from opera to deep house. His songs range between Afro-pop and amapiano.

His newest track "Laula" features 19 year old artist Natasha and it discusses the concept of controlled love. This song is an example of that genre-bending style that make Captain Blu such a versatile artist.    

Blu said he hopes to keep expanding his musical style with promotions, festivals and events. Beyond his own career, Blu said he hopes to serve as an inspiration to younger generations of artists.

"We have to tell the young ones they can come into this platform," Blu said. "Any African kid willing to do something dope can be empowered to do greater things."

He said he hopes his story as a South African artist from Lagos can also inspire change on a social level. Discriminations and xenophobia have become an unfortunate consistent part of Blu's path, but he said these issues will come to an end through love, which is what he tries to discuss in his music.

"I grew up knowing everybody, not who was from where," Blu said. 

To grow his sound, Blu said he is working on new music and improving his content like events, music videos and more. 

While things for Blu haven't always been smooth sailing, he is now making serious headway in uncharted waters. The Captain is a leader worth following as he carves his path in the South African music scene. 

By Ben Rappaport

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Thursday, March 31, 2022

Yashna's Music Inspires Through Genre-Bending and Cultural Depth

Yashna is a Durban based multi-genre singer/songwriter who has solidified her place in the music industry over the last few years. Having entered the scene in the latter part of 2016, Yashna has been able to break molds and shift gears for independent artists with her accomplishments.  

She was recently interviewed on The Morning Cruise and said her influence derives from her roots as an Indian artist trying to inspire a future generation. She said as a young child she didn't have Indian influences to look up to, but now that she is come in to her own, she wants to fill that gap for young people.

Between her gender bending style and fierce independence as an artist, Yashna doesn't wait for doors to open for her, she kicks them open and makes a name for herself. 

"I've come a really long way, and I'm really proud of what I've been able to accomplish," she told The Morning Cruise. "I want to impart what I've learned as an independent artist onto others." 

As an independent, Yashna does all her submissions and public relations by herself. She submits all her tracks to radio and TV and acts as her own publicist. She said it has been difficult, especially amid the pandemic, but it hasn't stopped her from pursuing her goals. 

"Putting in the work for the dream that has been placed in my heart, I'm not one to give up easy," Yashna said. "It's either adapt or get lost. there are no excuses so I found a way to make it work."

She received the Best Musician Award at the 2020 Durban Creative Awards, won the Joox Opening Act competition, opened up for Master KG, formed part of Shekinah’s Rosefest 2020 line-up, and made it to the semi-finals of Sportscene's "Put Me On” competition in the same year. 

In 2021 she featured in Drum Magazine, Slikour's "Hot on the Streets,” as well as Sportscene’s “Weekend Turn-Up" segment.

Yashna said her gritty mentality and achievements come largely from her roots as an Indian woman. It isn't a direct cultural line, though. She said her cultural upbringing didn't encourage passions like music as a viable career option. 

"Doing the normal way of life wasn't it for me," Yashna said. "There aren't many Indian musicians who have paved the way for me. I'm breaking that mold."

She said it took a while for her family to support her dream of being an artist, but now that she has seen success on a national scale, there's no putting the cat back in the bag. 

"Once people started seeing me, they started validating me and showing me it is possible. I feel like I'm making it possible for Indian artists," Yashna said. "I hold a big responsibility, but I'm very proud of how far I've come because it's opening doors for the next generation of creatives." 

Yashna told The Morning Cruise she has an upcoming project built on the sounds of her culture and based heavily on the musical influences of Bollywood that defined her childhood.

By Ben Rappaport 

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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

lungisiMntungwa is a writer and singer who hails from Phongola

 Mlungisi Mntungwa is a writer and singer who hails from Phongola, KZN. Born on Christmasday, his umbilical cord was buried in the lands of Ermelo, Mpumalanga, which iswhere he was bred.

When he is not writing music or recording in studio, he reads traditional booksto learn more about his culture and traditions so that he can impart theknowledge to his peers through music. This he does, as a means of insuring thatculture and traditions are sustained for future generations.

Music has always been a big part of MLungisi’s life as hestudied music and was a choir member in high school. He realized that music washis calling when he got a chance to perform as a soloist at the school’sassembly. That performance was followed by many competitions that he won whichopened many doors for him. The talented gentleman never looked back, as hespread his wings and performed at Rhema Bible Church, Playhouse and otherstages to nurture his talent. He has shared the stage with big artists such as BigZulu, Gcokama Elisha and Thwasa Lekhansela. Mlungisi started as an Operasinger, and then ventured into Gospel where he recorded a few songs that henever got to release. In 2019, He moved from Gospel to Afro-pop and that iswhere he found his niche. In 2020, Mlungisi decided to pack his bags and visitJohannesburg to follow his dreams. He dropped off his demo at the AmbitiousEntertainment offices, before he could even reach the taxi rank; he got a callfrom Umuthi Records a&R team requesting a meeting with him.

Lazarus Matene ( Tumi R.E )

 Tumi R.E, born 1990

Lazarus Matene was born in 1990 in

Bloemfontein, Free State, Later Moved to Cape Town where he lives and works as an event organiser Promoter and Deejay.Xln his practice, since 2007, Tumi specializes in amazingly soulful deep Sounds. Xln 201 8, Tumi realised his first Ep titled

Empty Soul under Deepconsoul Records, In2019 he released A very powerful Ep called Ordinary Life Under Rouge Decibels, which it was rated 9/1 0 by the likes of Vinny da Vinci, T bo Tazz and Many more, Ep had songs like A feeling which found itself been future on Lockdown house party sets and Attached That got charted 29 of 50 on Traxsource Deep Charts and 196 on weekends weapon topping Sun El Music and Sebb Junior to name a few.

Tumi has then went on to work with Dindy and many more to give us amazing Songs like Sondela, had enough and When she walks, when she walks has been featured on a lot of deejays playlist including The producer of Solala - Ezra Himself. This song will be found on his Album Mysterious Lady. Tumi has now opened his Own Record Label with Co-Founder Motlalekhotso Mpotla AKA Thee Deep thinker, housing a music group called T&T Music & A hip hop Act called No Face. Tumi has found himself working with artists like Tukz Ancestral, Cya C Deep, Tee Maestro, 071 5 Sounds,

Audiology and Deepconsoul to name a few. Tumi's Music is inspired by Neo Soul N Jazz.

Presenter: Mkuseli "khusi" Veto

written by: Gcobani Ralo

Monday, September 13, 2021

: Sisa Nobanda the Founder of the QULA KWEDINI YOUTH ORGANIZATION

In our Communities, we are facing a lot of crime and drugs especially the youth because everything starts when you become friends with wrong people in the community that has no one that is looking after you besides your Parents or Guidance.

The Qula Kwedini Youth Organisation is the organization that deals or focuses into grooming better man for the future and the community; Qula kwedini Youth Organization’s main concept is to fight violence and Drugs in the society and grooming young men.

According to Sisa,The aim of this organisation is to grow young man and become the face of the community so that in the community people can feel safe around young man. He oppened qula kwedini so that he can open the space of grooming young man that can be the face of change because all man are in the same boat if its sinking all man sink so all man must be the face of development as young man.

Presenter: Mkuseli "Khusi" Veto
Written By: Gcobani Ralo

Mnombo “Ronner” Mvinjelwa

Mnombo Ronald Mvinjelwa, better known by his stage name Ronner, is an artist from Zwelihle Hermanus.

He was exposed to music at an early age and he started recording songs back in 2013 after he joined a group of young artists in his neighborhood known as ‘Zwe-natives’. Later, he went on as a solo artist where he got an opportunity to grow as an independent artist and that is when he started producing his own records and creating his own beats. His music is more about hope, survival and embracing life. Being a huge fan of good music contributed a lot to his musical journey, and that is what makes his music unique. 

Presenter: Mkuseli "Khusi" Veto

Written by: Gcobani Ralo

Faizel Jacobs from Lace Up for change

Lace Up For Change (LU4C) registered as a Non Profit in December of 2016. As an organization, we use the medium of sport to facilitate change within impoverished communities. Our empowerment projects focusses on schools.

Their flagship project, The Boeber Run has not happened for over a year now due to the covid 19 restrictions that are in place. The project involves meeting at various areas within Cape Town in the evenings, running 5km to the nearest informal settlement or areas with a high count of homeless where they feed them. Since Lockdown and the restrictions placed on movements in the evenings, they have switched their attention to supporting 11 different feeding stations in the New Horizons, Randfontein and Tafelsig areas. They have been supporting with supplies for cooking & gas. Their empowerment projects focusses on schools. Last year, they handed over 20 Tablet computers with Vodacom sim cars and Access to Vodacom's e-learning portal to Talfallah primary school in Mannem=berg. A few weeks ago, they also unveiled a brand new computer lab with their Partners Syntell at the Dietreich Moravian Primary School in Phillipi. (

They also find themselves in the middle of their #50For50 Campaign. This campaign is a celebration of cofounder and teach Irafaan Abraham's 50th Birthday. As part of the challenge, Irafaan is running 50 Half Marathons during 2021 raising funds to fit learners from 50 schools with a brand new pair of school shoes. That’s almost 50 000 pairs of shoes.  (See their Facebook Page -

Presenter: Mkuseli "Kusi" Veto

Written by: Gcobani Ralo

Friday, August 27, 2021

Chef Bonda Cooks his Way to the Top

Don’t call me a chef, call me a cook

Self-taught cook, James “Punchos” Bonda was born and raised in Makhaya, a township in Khayelitsha. He refers to the township as the second city to Cape Town. The city itself partly inspires who he is today. His passion for cooking came while he was staying with his mother, while away at work; he had to learn to cook on his own. He started working as a waiter in a few restaurants in Cape Town before realizing his full potential.

The start of covid19, businesses had to close. That’s when I knew I had to start my own cooking business.” 

Covid19 made him to be innovative it also gave him an opportunity to start his own restaurant business called “La Vise” and a delivery service in Khayelitsha. “The amazing thing about starting a restaurant during a pandemic and it being in the township was the impact the restaurant had. It made me not limit my services to the township only but all over Cape Town. People want food that is made with love adds Bonda.  His mission is to celebrate authentic Southern African foods also giving a township twist to burgers, which have become a prominent selling item in his restaurant menu.

Bonda believes in order for anyone to make it in life, there has to be sacrifices.  He had to start from scratch by quitting soccer to fulfil his passion for food, a legacy, that one day; he hopes to leave behind for his son.

Follow Punchos on Facebook: Don Punchos

Instagram: @donpunchos_thechef

Presenter: Mkuseli "Khusi" Veto

Written By: Lucille Dyosi  

Sihle Isipho Nontshokweni On her love for Writing Children Books

Sihle Isipho with co - writer Mathabo Tlali 

International award-winning writer, story teller, PhD candidate, and the host of "The Ultimate book show", Sihle Isipho Nontshokweni had a telephonic interview with Bush radio presenter, Mkuseli “Khusi” Veto of the Morning Cruise on the 26th of July 2021, where she spoke about her book, “Wanda” and other projects that she is busy with currently, including her second book that is set to be available in September.  

Sihle Isipho hails from the Eastern Cape, in a small town called King Williams Town, and is a writer of Children’s books. Her first book is titled “Wanda”, she recently did a world read aloud story which was read to 3 million children in South Africa.  Her new book is titled “Wanda The Brave” and it is set to come out in September 2021.

Her love for writing children’s books began in 2015 while she was doing her Master’s degree at Peking University  in Beijing, China. She would go teach English to kids on weekends, and this is where she developed her passion for writing educational children’s books. She says she was amazed by the immense value of education there, and it is something that she was not used to in South Africa.

Back in 2016, when she was in South Africa, her mother was trying to publish her own book, Sihle got in touch with various publishers.  After she did some research about opportunities available to black women in South Africa, she was asked what kind of work she was looking to create at that time, her answer was “writing children’s books”. An opportunity presented itself, in terms of a competition and she took it, together with a friend, Mathabo Tlali, and that is basically how “Wanda” came about.

She mentioned that, the pandemic has affected her negatively, like most organisations because there is now less interactions, and that means she can’t do what she loves effectively to millions of children, and they have to improvise and do things online, like most people.

She also adds that they have a planned event which would either take place on the 16th of August or on 21st  August in Cape Town. The event would be a reading activation. For people who are interested to know more or to get in touch with Sihle, they can check her on Instagram. Her handle is: @wandathebook. Her personal account is @sihleisiphonontshokweni, and on twitter as well.

Presenter: Mkuseli Veto

 Done by:  Yandisa Qwabe


Thursday, August 26, 2021

Soweto Mandlanzi is an author and a creator, he grew up in a place called Coronation which is about 40 to 50 km north of KZN.


Soweto Mandlanzi is an author and a creator, he grew up in a place called Coronation which is about 40 to 50 km north of KZN. This is where he grew up and realised that he wanted to be a writer and people always laugh at him when he tells them how he started writing. It was when he was doing Grade 7, when he started writing according to his story.

 There was this guy who broke up with his girlfriend who came to him and said; “look bro I know you can help me with this, I want you to write a love letter and it must sound like it was written by me”, that is when he realised his (talent/ skill) power of being able to get into someone’s emotions and express them in writing, while portraying himself as them.

He wrote the letter, then unfortunately the mother of the girl got the letter from the girl’s school bag and asked her where she got the letter. “where did you get so much English, so much power in terms of emotions”, so after the guy confessed that the letter was written by Soweto, people started coming to him to write them home works and essays.

Soweto comes from a disadvantaged family background, his mom was a kitchen lady, unfortunately his father passed on when he was 3 years old. Soweto shared that he survived by small lunch boxes and getting payed for small jobs he did. He believed that his gift was there at a very young age but he didn’t realise it. He went to a public school and also to the Durban university of Technology to do his Btech Degree, but after that he realised that he wanted to write and started his own publishing company.

Soweto wrote 7 books, he started by writing a book called Just “Teething For a Thing” which deals on how people can conquer pain and any type of pain, whether mental or psychological. Another one is “Life is a Trip” which is based on the journey of life, “Running my race”, “Dear Jacob”, “Cash flow naked”, “Senzo Meyiwa”, and he will be publishing Ria Ledwaba.

According to Soweto in these critical conditions of covid-19 he thinks that one of the greatest things that he learnt growing up was that the picture of being adaptive sometimes you just have to adapt to new changes his mentor once told him that “the are many things that don’t change but one thing is constantly changing and changing itself” so he advise people to learn how to do things in a new way the way things are happening as life presents, also he believe that Covid-19 is not only the problem it is also the part of the solution for who really find it hard from working home.

Soweto admits the difficulties of covid-19 because a lot of people don’t find it easy in such situations and also he thinks the mental position or the psychological perspective truly matters and he’s been preaching one sentence that says “your biggest reality is your perspective” which is your narrative or what you think so the reality of the outside world is the second one so how you think and how you see the world determine how you handle them.

Present/Producer:  Mkuseli "Khusi"  Veto 

Written by: Gcobani Ralo 



Thursday, August 19, 2021

TheIntenXT released a new debut single, Super Cute, the rebirth


TheIntenXT released a new debut single, Super Cute, the rebirth


‘There has been a lot of confusion about my name. It's spelled TheInternXT but pronounced “Thee Inter Next”. Simply means the next best international artist’ 


New age Rnb artist Selo Dwabe, known as TheInternXT returns to the game with a new debut single titled ‘Super Cute’. The song was written 10 years ago before it was revived by Cape Town Sound for an official release in July 2021. “Cape Town Sound helped me get my music out there. It seems like they found my song on their archives and decided to rework on it.”- TheInternXT. 


TheInternXT describes himself as a young village boy from Mpumalanga who is trying to make it in this music industry like most up-and-coming artists. Before his work with Cape Town Sound, the process of releasing music has been very slow for the artist. “I haven’t gotten my ducks in a row in terms of releasing music, but I am adjusting” he explains. He is indeed grateful for the kind of audience reach he has gained after the release of Super Cute, which gave him 200 views on YouTube in just over a week of streaming.


Coming back into the game and trying to find your feet may be a very difficult process for many, but TheInternXT believes that his recent work will push him to continue working on his projects. Not only that but the support of his family and friends has also motivated him a lot. 


Apart from releasing music the artist has been working on managing his social media presence. Recognizing that social media has become the bread and butter for a lot of artists in this current new order, TheInternXT believes that’s a strong online presence is just as important as releasing a great song. Understanding the new order has made it difficult for artists to physically present themselves it’s important to make sure that you are constantly putting work out there and keeping in touch with your audience. 


What we can expect from the artist is a second debut single. You can find all his music on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and YouTube @TheInternXT, with the same handle on all platforms. For social media presence, he is currently on Facebook and Twitter @TheInternXT

Presenter and producer: Mkuseli Veto

Written by: Mamesi Lamoen