Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Bevin Samuels joins The Morning Cruise

Emma Derr, Bevin Samuels& Jasmine Mazwi
Bevin Samuels only 21 years old has a huge passion for music.  Originally from Port Elizabeth and and matriculating in 2015 he decided to pursue his music during his gap year. he took the initiative to compete on Idols. Bevin made it to the top 10 of Idols and still has the same passion and drive as before, regarding his music.

His mother supports him 100% in his decision of a gap year, because this small step he made in his life, was in actual fact a giant leap in his career. Idols taught him many life lessons but mainly to remain true to himself, and that is the message he is trying to give through his music. He writes his own music, and the different genre's he does comes from the gut therefore Bevin is an asset to the music industry as his style of music is versatile.

Bevin is working on an Experimental Project and will be releasing a music video soon in Port Elizabeth which he says will be so much fun because it is the community he grew up in!

Facebook - Bevin Samels Official
Instagram- @bevinsamuels_official
Twitter- @bevinsamuels_official

Presented and produced by Jasmine Mazwi and Emma Derr
---Jasmine Mazwi

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